Friday Five

It’s been a long week, amiright guys? Thanks for sticking it out with me for another week of daily posts. Just to recap, I: Ate Everything In New York Read and Reviewed A Few Books  Embarrassed Myself In An Art Gallery; and Admitted to Wearing a Lot of Really Ridiculous Stuff in High School.  If … Continue reading

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It’s Not A Party Until Somebody Busts out an EpiPen

“Someone call 911!!” my Father shouted, “and for God’s sake would someone go calm down your mother??!” It was Thanksgiving 2007, and I was standing in the upstairs bathroom of my childhood home, staring down at the (seemingly) lifeless body of my older sister Marija. Just a few moments before, she had returned from her annual Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Thanks’gettin the Hell Outta Here

Season’s Eatings, friends! I am currently blogging to you live from the wonderful piece of Canadian majesty that is the Toronto Pearson International Airport, on my way home to Nova Scotia to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I know, all of you Americans out there are probably like “say whaaaat Breezy, Isn’t Thanksgiving in November?” … Continue reading