7 Slang Words I Learned in 2014 (And How To Use Them)

At the ripe old age of 29, I am slowly coming to the realization that I may no longer be “hip”.

Evidence of this includes:

  • my growing reluctance to stay awake past 10pm
  • unfamiliarity with the majority of award show performers (Ariana who now?)
  • increased disillusion with music festivals and all other non-seated events
  • the fact that I used the word “hip” in quotations in the preceding sentence.

Perhaps the biggest, and most troubling sign, however, is my complete and utter hopelessness when it comes to today’s slang. This was made clear to me recently when a friend described an online date she went on as “a total catfish”.  Say what? “You went on a date with a sea creature??” I asked, imagining the two of them at a fancy restaurant, plates full of plankton.   

“Uh, no” she said looking at me like I had three heads “it means when someone pretends to be someone they’re not online… like the MTV show?”

I wish I could say that was the only time this happened – but alas, over the past year, there have been a number of times I’ve been left with a blank stare, scrambling to urbandictionary.com to break the code, like a less-cool, worse-cheekboned Alan Turing. 

Because I love you and don’t want you to suffer the same fate, I’ve compiled a list of the top 6 slang words I learned in 2014, together with definitions, and how to use each in a sentence so you can be just like the cool kids.

1. Salty

Bitter; angry; used to connote a general bad attitude.

E.g. “She was salty when she discovered Real Housewives of Miami had been cancelled” 

2. Basic

Common; unsophisticated; transparent; generally unoriginal

e.g. “Homegirl bought a year’s supply of Pumpkin Spice Latte Mix. She’s so basic” 

3. Sharewithal

An inherent understanding of what to share on social media, when, and on what platform.

E.g. “Did you see that terrible status Alyssa posted on Facebook? Girl has ZERO sharewithal” 

4. Webisode

Overly dramatic

E.g. “Sorry for being such a webisode last night, I had way too much Pinot Grigio” 

5. Bae 

I’m sure most of you know  this one now that Pharrell has sung it to death, but did you guys know it is actually an ACRONYM? It stands for “Before Anyone Else” and can be used to describe your significant other, bestie, something incredibly cool etc.

E.g. “Nutella is, and always will be my bae” 

6. Turnt Up

Getting loose/wild; crazy partying

E.g. “I drank TWO glasses of wine while watching Extreme Weightloss Last Night. Sh*t was turnt UP”

7. Swerve

To Dodge or dismiss someone.


My Friend: “Do you want to do a juice cleanse with me?”

Me: “SWERVE, b*tch!”

Question of the Day: What Slang Words have you learned recently?



23 thoughts on “7 Slang Words I Learned in 2014 (And How To Use Them)

Add yours

  1. It is a sad fact Breezy, getting older sucks, er, is so Salty, and it gets harder and harder to be hip and run with the hip crowd. I am so out of it. My wife claims that I am so not down, which is probably an antiquated term by now. I agreed and call myself Helium when it comes to being down and cool. ~ thanks for the hipster update and confirming I will never get my cool point back..Your blog is still my Bae though for helping me keep in touch (did I use that right? 🙂 )


    1. P.S. I’ll tell you something worse, for me at least. I’ve just gone over to Stereogum’s 50 best albums of 2014, and I own/am familiar with (i.e. streamed) only one. A new low. Granted, it’s their #1 pick, so I feel okay about that.


      1. omg I know! I am losing touch with the cool music these days now too. It is extremely depressing
        I knew a guy in university who got a tattoo of atlantic CTV news anchor Bruce Frisko as sort of an ironic joke. I bet he’s regretting that one even more than your YOLO tat right about now.

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  2. I work with kids. If I listen carefully, I hear all kinds of slang. The latest one I’ve heard is “thot”. I think it means someone is a “Stank ho”, but I’m not positive. As a white guy in his mid-50’s, I have the incredible power to kill the cool factor of any of these slang words, simply by using one of them myself in front of the kids. That being said, I won’t likely be using “thot” in a sentence, so it’ll be around till the next slang word overtakes it.

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  3. Yeah….moments like these make me realize just how old I really am! I know slang is by no means meant to be proper English but ‘Webisode’ and ‘Sharewithal’? Really? Really? 😦


  4. Side eye is really old….I first heard Missy Elliott use it in 2001 on one of her songs. Throwing shade is old, too. A lot of good slang comes from drag culture. If you ever watch the spoof of Game of Thrones, Gay of Thrones, you might need a dictionary. I know I do. 🙂


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