Premature E-Publication

I accidentally hit “publish” on a blog post before it was ready this morning.

The whole experience was shocking, terrifying, embarrassing, and all sorts of other negative emotions ending in “ing”. Sort of like when you inadvertently hit “reply all” on an e-mail.





A few years back, my roommate, who was also my coworker at the time, accidentally sent an e-mail intended for me to our entire company. That’s over 2,000 people in multiple offices around North America. Although the e-mail itself was relatively innocuous, I still came home to find her in bed, curled up in a ball of shame and self-loathing, wailing “I’ll never work in this town again!” into a pint of Haagen Dazs.

That’s sort of how I felt this morning. How could I possibly have sent this piece of nonsensical drivel to 1,592 inboxes? With one fell swoop, my carefully constructed curtain of thesaurus words, platitudes and strategically placed GIFs had been lifted – exposing me for the fraud I am deep down inside.

I was certain my short-lived career as a mediocre blogger was over.

The funny thing is, though, that before I even had a chance to mark the post “private” (which took me like 10 minutes, since I’m kind of a Luddite) I actually received a few “likes” and comments on it.

My first thought was that these benevolent commenters felt so sorry for my epic fail that they simply wanted to ensure I didn’t impale myself over any sharp objects in my apartment. However, it occurred to me later that perhaps they just hadn’t been reading that critically. Maybe they just identified with the overall subject matter of the post (which was about invasion of personal space), and didn’t care that much about my sloppy sentences or lack of hilarious GIFs.

I guess the point I’m trying to make here, is that we bloggers shouldn’t really be so hard on ourselves. While quality is important, it’s not the be all and end all. 99% of your readers don’t care about consistency of tenses and appropriate use of semi-colons; they just want material they can relate to.

……and maybe the occasional Paul Rudd dancing GIF:


Question of the Day: Have you ever had a premature e-publication? How did you feel?


22 thoughts on “Premature E-Publication

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  1. OMG I am such a bad premature E-Publicator. I usually do it late at night when my eyes can barely stay open I go for preview or save and hit publish. I get so frustrated and embarrassed that I end up Trashing the whole thing..but it is already out there though. ! I am trying to work in a ‘performance’ joke on to ‘you bloggers shouldn’t be so hard on yourself’ but it is late and it would come out wrong. I would say it better.


  2. I’ve come close, but managed to rescue myself by closing that tab window the moment I saw the mouse cursor doing it’s spinning thing.

    Me and all the top bods here at WordPress HQ are still laughing at you by the way.


  3. I have been premature before. I took it down within 30 seconds, so I doubt many people – if any – saw it, but it was still harrowing.

    And what do you mean, “people don’t care about appropriate use of semi-colons?” What DO they care about then?


  4. Yep I put one out early because I was using my phone (it was only a paragraph) and before I got a chance, I had about 20 likes and comments about how weird it was. I was horrified. I went and did the real post and get less love and likes than I did from the one paragraph.


  5. I’ve hit “Publish” instead of “Save Draft” before too, and the shame is just awful.

    Worse still, I’ve accidentally instant messaged the wrong co-worker with frustrations … learned that one the hard way and am now VERY careful when I complain over IM (because of course I still do it).

    The gifs sum up that moment of terror perfectly, though! My heart was racing at the thought of such a D’oh! moment.


      1. Thankfully, no! I probably would have called in sick the rest of the week if so.

        I wasn’t specific enough anyway for the accidental recipient to know who I was talking about … but I’m sure they had an idea. There’s always one jerk to ruin the whole office!


  6. I do it all the time in my photo blog… which is a shame as the thing I always forget is the picture… so I have a nice post with a title… and nowt else! I did get two likes once just for a title though, which makes me wonder why I bother with the pictures!


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