Fancy A Spot of Tea?

I don’t know about you guys, but I love a good tea party.


As a little girl, I hosted them on the reg. I had a miniature table and chairs in my bedroom solely for that purpose, and had no fewer than 6 different tea sets on rotation at any given moment. I would serve “tea” (Sunny Delight) and “crumpets” (cut up Toaster Strudels) to my distinguished guests; a rotating cast of my favourite toys du jour. Regulars included:

  • my Cabbage Patch doll Celine Ilse (apparently she was French Canadian??);
  • a talking Teddy Ruxpin, that, looking back was completely terrifying;
  • an incredibly sexist Teen Talk Barbie that said things like “Math is hard!” and “Will we ever have enough clothes?”;
  • myriads of My Little Ponies;
  • Quints;
Remember these weirdos?

…and just to add a little masculinity to the mix, several of my brothers’ G.I. Joe figurines.

Yep, it was a real equal opportunity affair. 

Since apparently throwing lavish gatherings for your stuffed animals is no longer “socially acceptable” after the age of 12, I’ve experienced a marked decline in the number of tea parties I attend in my adult life. 

That’s why I was beyond excited when one of my coworkers invited me to an afternoon tea party at her house last weekend. With real live humans!!


The invitation indicated that the dress code was casual, but that “Fascinators were encouraged”.

Challenge: accepted. 

Somehow, despite being neither British nor fancy, I have managed to accumulate a sizeable collection of obnoxious head pieces over the years. (I don’t know what this says about me as a person. I don’t care to find out.)

I thought about pulling out this one from the tickle trunk:


But instead opted for this more understated headband variety:


….paired with a giant (faux) fur vest and a fancy-ass brooch with a horse on it.

What? Don’t be such a neigh-sayer. 

I also upped my accessory game with my new bracelet stack; because nothing screams
class  like 18 lbs of gold-plated joo-ree you bought from the Shopping Channel.


I arrived,dripping in elegance, to discover that the hostess had prepared an amazing spread of treats:


Seriously-  it was insani-tea!! (Sorry. I’m done with the puns now).

Besides all of this glorious food, she also brewed some delicious loose leaf tea which she served in these fancy little cups.


There were seven girls in attendance, and we snuggled up in the living room and spent a few cozy hours munching on macarons and dishing about men. The weather outside was terrible and rainy, but I didn’t really mind, because it sort of made me feel like Carey Mulligan in The Great Gatsby.

Because I am delusional.

………..And then the Chardonnay came out. And I think my story ends here.

Question of the Day: Have you ever been to a tea party? High Tea?


22 thoughts on “Fancy A Spot of Tea?

Add yours

  1. I think you’ve out-Britished anything that us Brits get up to. Wartime rationing only ended in 2008 and re-using the same teabags spoiled our appetite for parties.

    That is an awesome spread, though. I particularly like the square plates – there’s a curry house round the corner from my work that uses them and we stolen plenty of them over the years. Who’s blue-socked foot is that at the top of the photo?

    Nice brooch.


    1. haha damn you don’t miss much do you? I was like man I hope no one notices that rogue foot…
      She actually got a lot of compliments on her plates which are from Ikea! You Europeans know a thing or two about dinnerware


  2. Daaaaamn, your coworker doesn’t play. She even had the fancy teacups. ARE THOSE GRAPE TOMATOES?

    Because I’m classy, I would’ve worn a huge hat and casually carried out that tiered pastry tower before the tea started flowin’.


  3. Wowzers – you looked smokin’ hot! Is it bad that I always worry when I look that good around my girlfriends that I am essentially wasting an outfit?… Hey, I’m a single lady, I have to think about these things!

    Although now I want to have a fancy pants tea party.


    1. haha thank you! One thing I didn’t mention is that I went to the grocery store afterwards and was complimented by 3 separate gay guys! (I live near the gay village). haha I was like umm can you pass this message on to some of your hot single straight friends???


      1. I got it. I was speaking on behalf of those poor ignorant people in the rest of the world. I should have been more clear.
        Next time: “Look up. Look wa-a-a-a-y up!”


      2. Haha ok good! I almost put a reference to Friendly Giant in a recent post but worried it would alienate too many ppl.. Now I know it will be welcome. Bring on the 80’s CBC references!


  4. I wish my co-workers would invite me to something that I fantasized about as a youth. Going outside, destroying the universe, stealing energon to make energon cubes and transforming into a superfast jet. You are so lucky you got to live your childhood dream as an adult.


  5. So fancy! I love the idea of hosting distinguished get-togethers, but my soirees generally devolve into beer-chugging contests and shouting expletives.

    I also love that vest and would very much like my own — where’d you find it? We obviously won’t be seen at the same establishments … faux fur is welcome in Walmart, right?


  6. Oh I love this! I don’t think I had tea parties with my cabbage patch dolls, Anastasia Aurora and Cleopatra something-rediculous, I would, however, love to attend a real life tea party. How amazing is that spread!?


  7. I should think about having a tea party at some point. Tea is just so delicious, and all the loose-leaf varieties just make it better. 🙂 I might skip the stack of gold though 😛 I love your outfit though, and the headband is rather large, but not obnoxiously. It looks good!


  8. Quints!! I used to be obsessed with them, haha. And I have to say I love a good tea party – a friend and I went to high tea at the Windsor Hotel here in Melbourne, it was proper fancy so we dolled ourselves up but still ended up gossiping and talking about un-ladylike things. Would love to do it again!


  9. Wait, we were supposed to stop having tea parties after 12! I have hosted many tea parties in my long life, most of them with real live people…my Mom and I have tea parties that last for days when we get together….but my favourite ones have been with my boys. What boy can resist calico tea and cookies in plastic tea cups? lol Do it more often, even if it’s a party of one – it will edify the soul!


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