Friday Five – Music, Movies and My New Vacuum Cleaner

TGIF Guys!


Time for some random things I’ve been thinking about this week:

1. Dyson Vacuums

In what was potentially the most grown-up purchase I have ever made, I bought a Dyson Vacuum online yesterday.

Yes, my life has really come to writing about vacuum cleaners.

I mentioned to my coworker that I needed a new vacuum, and she directed me to the Dyson refurbished site where you can get refurbished vacuums with full warranty at discounted prices.

Not gonna lie, it was still a substantial investment (for the price of this puppy, I’m expecting it to be gilded in solid gold); but apparently Dysons are like the Cadillac of vacuums and have all sorts of crazy features and European technology. Do any of you guys have one?  Is it going to change my life?? Cause I’m beginning to wonder if I should’ve just sprang for Rosie from the Jetsons instead….


2. This Song

3. 15 Reasons To Live

I saw this documentary last week at The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema in Toronto and really enjoyed it. It’s by Canadian filmmaker, Alan Zweig, who was inspired by a list his friend wrote of his 15 reasons to live. Zweig set out to find a story to match each one, and compiled them all into this lovely little film. While I enjoyed and identified with certain stories more than others, I would still recommend checking it out.. especially if you need a good ugly cry. (Toronto showtimes here)

4. My New Writing Class

I recently started a new writing class at The University of Toronto, and our first assignment was to write about our first memories. I assumed we would just hand them in to the teacher, but NO. Instead, we did a “self-editing exercise” where we handed our stories to the person on our right and had THEM READ IT ALOUD.  I was like:


SO nerve-wracking, guys. I almost ran screaming from the class right there on the spot, but it actually ended up being sort of helpful-  you got to hear how your story sounded from a (somewhat) objective perspective, and which parts worked and which fell flat. Still, though, I think for now I’ll stick to hiding behind my screen

5.  Misguided Running Aspirations

So I signed up for a 10k race on November 3rd. I don’t know why. I guess I just hate myself.

friday7 Also, it gives me an excuse to eat an obscene amount of pancakes afterwards.

Stacks on stacks on stacks
Stacks on stacks on stacks

Anyway, now I have to train for this noise, which is even more painful than usual for two reasons:

1. My headphones broke last week, and I have since  been using the Air Canada in-flight variety. They have a maximum volume of like, 2, and make everything sound vaguely underwater. (Headphone suggestions ??)

2. I accidentally washed a fuchsia Lululemon top with the rest of my laundry the other day and turned ALL of my workout clothes a slight tinge of pink. I now feel like the Elle Woods of mediocre running.


So yeah, I’m feeling pretty good about this!!!

Question of the Day:

Have you ever taken a writing class? Do you want to?

P.S. If you haven’t already, please go read my post about Scott Jones and support him!


17 thoughts on “Friday Five – Music, Movies and My New Vacuum Cleaner

Add yours

  1. A) Love the song. Could listen to it for another two minutes. What’s that? Replay? Don’t mind if I do!
    B) What’s a vaccum?
    C) Never taken a creative writing class and it’s not on my to-do list.
    D) Have a great weekend.


    1. I have beats but find them too heavy they don’t stay in my ears. Basically I’m just high maintenance when it comes to headphones.
      And it’s a 10K BEN don’t understate my lofty goals lol


  2. i did a writing course by correspondence a couple of years ago… getting feedback by total strangers was definitely the best thing about it… makes you look at your work in a very different way…

    and i have a 10k race on the 3rd of november too :)… good luck!


  3. I guess I have technically taken a writing class, as I was a journalism major in college. Although, they were more along the lines about how to regurgitate information…not too fun. I don’t have a Dyson but hear they’re amaze balls!


    1. I think taking a journalism class would be interesting! I’ve thought about making it my next class…
      I hope you’re right on the Dyson – I’m anxiously anticipating its arrival!


  4. iHeadphones are a good solution in a pinch. Small, cheap, decent sound. I haven’t bothered with other kinds since I got my iPhone.

    I took a creative nonfiction writing class in college, and it was brilliant. And you win for using that Jeremy Renner .gif. We also did the pass to the right thing, and it is nice, it gives you a better perspective.


  5. Never taken a writing class besides English in school haha. Soooo no. But I’m interested to hear how it goes! I’ve heard Dyson vacuums are the Also for headphones I would suggest skull candy. Not too expensive and they have cute colors!


  6. Jels of the writing class, I should look into one. Spesh if I’m going to say words like ‘jels’. and ‘spesh’. ALSO a 10k?! Amazing. I managed 5k the other day but it took me 40 minutes.


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