Not A Victim, But A Survivor

I don’t often write about serious things. Mostly because I’m extremely immature and use humor and Fresh Prince of Bel Air gifs as a defense mechanism for all of my failings and insecurities.

Sometimes, however, sad stuff happens that I think needs to be written about.

As some of you may already know, at roughly 2:15 a.m. on October 12th, Scott Jones, a former classmate of mine, was brutally stabbed twice in the back and sliced across the throat while leaving a bar in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

canada gay man paralyzed

While the wounds to his throat were mostly superficial, Scott’s spinal cord was severed, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. The attack was allegedly a hate crime motivated by the fact that Scott is gay.

I am sickened, saddened, and downright angered by the fact that this happened to Scott, and that it happened in my home town. While we haven’t kept in touch much since high school, I remember Scott as a lovely, gentle, funny person and an amazing musician who was liked by everyone. To say he did not deserve this is a complete and total understatement.

The one silver lining in all of this is that the entire community in Nova Scotia – and even around the world- have been rallying around him. Some former classmates of mine have been organizing a benefit taking place in Halifax in November, and a website has been set up to provide donations for his recovery.

Please take a second to visit the page, read his story and make a donation. Your karma will thank you for it 🙂 (I know this, because I am a yogi now)

Question of the Day:

Why are you still here? Go and visit Scott’s donation page!


14 thoughts on “Not A Victim, But A Survivor

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  1. Thank you for sharing this story — I can’t fathom how people can be so archaic and monstrous. Sending peace and prayers to you and your friends, the family, et al.

    It looks like the support is coming in strong, and I hope they’ll find some solace knowing Scott is so respected.


  2. This is shocking, disgusting, and heartbreaking. It’s sad that we live in a world where things like this still happen. So glad you shared this; people need to hear stories like these.


  3. I am definitely glad you wrote about this. The more we shine light on the dark things that happen, the more people start to realize that doing this is wrong. I am going to visit his page…I hope that things turn out for the best. That is so horrifying that happened to him…and that that was the person’s reasoning.


  4. It’s really hard to see something like that happen to an old friend. While the circumstances are different I recently lost my college roommate in a motorcycle accident. I hope your friend and his family feel the support from friends at this time.


  5. There are moments when it seems we’ve come a long way, that the diversity of those around us is no big deal, that we’re more tolerant of differences. Then you read stories like this, and it makes you realize that we’ve still got a long way to go to end hate, in all its ugly forms — be it homophobia, sexism, racism, disliking someone because they look different …

    I saw this story on another site, and thought it was horrid … and, now, knowing that he was a friend of someone I “know”… just makes it seem much worse.


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