A Very Nova Scotia Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving friends! Today, I am thankful for family, friends, health, happiness, and most of all the homemade apple crisp I’ve been caning like nobody’s business.

yeaaah buddy.

Also wine.


Always wine.

My friend Lia, who is from Vancouver, came home with me for the holidays, and I’ve had a blast showing her all that the thriving metropolis of Pictou County has to offer. I just hope she can handle the excitement. Watching all THREE Back To The Future Movies in one day is a lot for anyone to handle.

Anyway, since I’m still in a semi-food coma from yesterday’s feast, here are a few pictures of my Thanksgiving weekend in beautiful Nova Scotia:

Greenhill Lookoff.. not a bad view

IMG_4517 IMG_4530 IMG_4531


I don’t eat Oysters west of New Brunswick


I don't blame her. The pumpkin is inherently a lot more interesting.
I don’t blame her. The pumpkin is inherently a lot more interesting.




Hold onto your loved ones tight today, and have an extra piece of pumpkin pie for me ๐Ÿ™‚

Question of the Day:

(clichรฉ alert)

What Are You Thankful for?


7 thoughts on “A Very Nova Scotia Thanksgiving

Add yours

  1. We’re a right bunch of ungrateful sods here in Britland, so nothing at the moment.

    Mind you, I was pretty chuffed that I managed to fluke my way through some levels in Candy Crush today.

    Awesome pics. Some of your ducks look just like ours! Is that purple bike branded by Cadburys…?


  2. I think the girl isn’t interested in the pumpkin so much as terrified of the shadows lurking right in front of her. Also, do they have any color in Nova Scotia? Seems like a bunch of gray, black and white.


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