Friday Five

It’s been a long week, amiright guys?


Thanks for sticking it out with me for another week of daily posts. Just to recap, I:

If you haven’t checked them out already, make sure to do so. I loved reading all of your feedback – especially the amazing high school fashion moments. Y’all had serious swagger.

So since it’s Friday, and I’m straight-up spent, here are 5 random things I’ve been thinking about this week:

1. Ja’Mie: Private School Girl

If you’ve ever watched the hilarious HBO Mockumentary Summer Heights High, then you already know and love the priceless J’Amie King.

"Public schools are so random!"
“Public schools are so random!”

Well, somewhere the television Gods are smiling down on us because Ja”mie now has HER OWN SHOW!

Played by Chris Lilley (yes, that’s a grown-ass man, folks) the show premieres on November 24 on HBO and follows Ja’Mie on her final weeks of high school. Here’s a link to the 11 best moments from the trailer… and if you just can’t get enough Ja’Mie, Lily wrote a great post recently on her love affair with the profound, completely self-aware high-schooler.

2. This Sweet Hat

I stumbled across this amazing hat at the Drake General Store the other day (side note- do NOT go in there if you are on a budget. You will walk out $200 poorer with more novelty salt and pepper shakers than you know what to do with) and I knew I had to own it right then:


East Coast represent! It’s almost making me kind of excited for it to get cold out. Almost.

3. Emergen-C

So earlier this week I started to feel that telltale tickle in my throat, and freaked the eff out. I hate being sick and am the ultimate baby, so I knew I had to nip those germies in the bud. I started taking Cold FX (which is really just a super-high dose of Echinacea), when one of my coworkers recommended this god-send of a product


You guys. This stuff is AMAZING. It’s basically a super concentrated dose of Vitamin C in powder form that you dissolve in water. Each packet has something like 15 times your daily recommended intake, and gives you an immediate little boost of energy. The guy at the health food store told me that Viatmin C “megadosing” is apparently a thing now and will cure whatever ails you. In Vegas, they even do straight Vitamin C IV’s to cure hangovers!

So of course after hearing this, I’ve become obsessed with consuming as much Vitamin C as humanly possible.  I’m supposed to be maxing out at 2 of these little packets a day, but I’ve been taking……… more than that. Although I don’t think there are any real side effects, last night I started to worry that I might turn orange. You know, like when babies  eat too many pureed carrots?


Will you all still be my friends if my skin turns a vibrant shade of Burnt Sienna? Who knows, maybe I’ll end up with my own reality show?? A girl can dream….

4. Celebrity Breakups

First it was Catherine and Michael. Then Miley and Liam. Then, after 22 years of reality shows marriage Kris and Bruce Jenner.




What is the world coming to? (And don’t you dare say “their senses”. Smart A$$).

5. Thanksgiving (and Nova Scotia, Eh?)

This Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving, and I’m off to Nova Scotia to spend the weekend with my family and friends.


I can’t wait to chill with my nieces, go for pointless drives around town and start the 72-hour food-to-mouth train rolling.  As the youngest of 5, Thanksgiving has always been quite the scene in my house. If you are bored or need a sleep aid, here’s a little story I wrote about my family and Thanksgiving last year.

Question of the Day: What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

(or if you’re not a Canuck, what are you up to this weekend?)


9 thoughts on “Friday Five

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  1. I made the mistake years ago of being able to roast a turkey. Ever since when we travel to my sister-in-law’s in charming-yet-flat Athens, Ontario for Thanksgiving, I end up doing the turkey. But not this year! So yay me for putting my foot down/being a bit of an ass.
    Re Vitamin C: My understanding was that your body could absorb only so much vitamin C, and you simply end up having very expensive urine (not my line; I read that somewhere). But, you know, whatever, I’m not your dad.
    Hat: Want. Say hi to NS for me.


  2. Again I am always amazed at the things I learn reading your blog. First Ja’mie is hilarious, I would never watch it, but it seems funny. Second, there is really no harm in taking a vitamin C OD, I don’t care what anyone says, it is good for you and keeps you healthy. Third, Canadians have Thanksgiving in October. Is there Canadian football to watch this weekend? Do you guys really like Columbus? Are you just shortchanging yourselves a long weekend in November? So many questions and so few answers. Thank you for the Friday thoughts, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving/ Columbus Day.


  3. So with your Canadian Thanksgiving is it always on a certain date? Or is it like ours where it is always on a Thursday (or your case a Monday?) I remember one year when I was on my mission and we had three Canadians in our zone (about 12 missionaries) and we had 3 that were Canadian so we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving. And there wasn’t even a Black Friday to distract us. You guys know how to do real Thanksgiving. We just get ready for Christmas.


  4. I feel so honored that you tagged me in this! I’m so beyond excited for Ja’mie’s show. It’s going to be so ridic. Umm love that hat. Love that you take emergenC like a healthy gal. At least we know you won’t have scurvy.
    I think it would be amazing to come from a family with lots of kids. I only have one brother and we both agree that it’s super lame. Like, “This is it? We only have each other?” So sad!


  5. When I worked at summer camp, the nurses had these Vitamin C chewable tablets for when you started to get sick. The thing that maybe the manufacturers forgot is not make them taste so damn good. They were like candy, it was ridiculous.

    Also, is it sad that the first thing that made my mouth water on that table was the brussel sprouts? They look so delicious! The thing I look forward to most at Thanksgiving is the ham, but our Thanksgiving is still a month away 😦


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