B*tch Stole My Look

So I know this blog has been limping along like Lohan’s career, but I am finally here to break my prolonged silence with  a very important announcement:

You guys…..



That’s right. DrizzyDrake pilfered my swag.

Let me explain.

I took this selfie of my amazing (and expertly styled) Wu-Tang Clan t-shirt on my way to a fashion show/design competition here in Toronto called The Art of Fashion.


….Because I do cool things like go to fashion shows all the time. See, look, here’s me at Paris fashion week with Kim and Kanye (and Ciara? WTF?).


Just kidding. I’ve never actually been to a fashion show. (Sorry, Lily Collins for superimposing my head over your spectacular eyebrows). But my friend’s sister was organizing this one, and there was an open bar, so… you know…..

Anyhoo, shortly after posting the aforementioned selfie, I noticed that Drake instagrammed a pic of himself wearing suspiciously similar threads.


ummmm can you say BITCH STOLE MY LOOK??

Not cool, Drizzy, Not cool.  I’ve decided the only possible explanation for this is that Drake is in love with/obsessed with me and has been monitoring my Instagram feed (@breezyk1 holllaaaa) for all of the latest trends.

Who knew Wheelchair Jimmy was such a biter?



Sorry for all the caps lock. I’ve clearly been spending too much time on Kanye West’s twitter feed.

Anyway, since all of you need more gems like this one in your life (and I clearly need more practice writing coherent sentences), I’ve decided to do a blog post a day for the entire month of October!*


*Monday to Friday. Ain’t nobody got time for that on weekends.

Don’t expect much. 95% of my posts are probably going to be about pumpkin spice lattes.


There’s a reason they call them clichés.

Question of the Day:

Has a b*tch ever stolen your look? What did you do about it?

Also: How often do you post on your blog? What do you think is the optimal amount?


24 thoughts on “B*tch Stole My Look

Add yours

  1. I have no idea who Drake is but I’m willing to support you 100% in this. Provided that scary man with baseball cap doesn’t shout at me, that is.

    I don’t post too often now but at one time I was posting every day. Traffic has subsequently dropped like a stone but the optimal is at whatever rate you can keep producing interesting content.


  2. Okay, a bitch has stolen my gym shoe look, and it’s awful, because we go to the same strength training class on Sundays.

    And she’s in better shape than me.

    …At a solid 20 years old.


  3. Old guys at nursing homes are always stealing my look. You know monochrome beige and just picked out a shirt in the line up in the dark look?
    As far as posting, I try to go every other day. That way people can ignore it every other day and the other day I can concentrate on doing my actual job and paying attention to my actual family.


  4. Meh. I don’t think people are usually out to get my fashion sense look.
    Happy to hear the “blog every day in October” resolution. Hope that it comes to fruition 🙂 Even if it is almost all about pumpkin spice lattes.

    You know, part of the reason I rejoined Instagram was so that I could be friends with you on it, and I just realized I STILL am not. Fixed that. :3

    I don’t like Drake. I think I’d be frustrated if he stole my look. I think he has a decent voice, his songs are just so repetitive. It drives me nuts after awhile. 😛


    1. Yay we’re instafriends now!!
      I feel like now that I live in Toronto I have to be a Drake fan since he reps the city so hard… but he’s really testing my limits on this one!


  5. i know the only reason I follow your Instagram is to steal your fabulous loo … ok, so most of the time I can’t, because, you know, dress… but, still… I can see why Drake would be stealin’ from Your Fabulousness!


  6. I made an O noise on the street when I had my first 2013 pumpkin spice latte. No regrets.

    I blog about as often as Lohan makes a smart/healthy choice (to steal your blog/Lohan analogy). I want to blog more. I want to blog as often as Lohan makes a risky/unhealthy choice.


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