My Life Through Instagram Vol. 2

What up, homies? I know my blog has been about as active as a Giant Panda on Valium lately, and for that I apologize.

Side note: did you know Giant Pandas spend approximately 16 hours a day eating?? 


We have so much in common.


Anyway, it’s been a busy few weeks for your girl BreezyK here: weddings, parties, cottage weekends, and most importantly- a new job!


(Do I get points for the timely Shoppers Drug Mart gif? No? Ok.)

It’s still in law, but no longer in private practice… so I expect the quality of my life to improve drastically to have more regular hours and thus more free time for blogging. (When my busy schedule of grooming and beauty related appointments permits, of course.)

foodgif6 foodgif7 foodgif8

Those pictures were completely gratuitous.

Anyway, I know I owe you guys a real post (and to read and comment on some of the great stuff you’ve been writing), but as mentioned above, I’m in panda-mode. So in the meantime, I thought I’d give a little update on my life through my favourite fleetingly popular social media platform: instagram.

(You can see my first installment of My Life Through Instagram here.)

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, then you definitely should: @BreezyK1. I am extremely self-absorbed and post a lot of pictures of my manicures. Who doesn’t like that in their newsfeed??


1.    Someone’s been making mixtapes!

2.    See, I told you. (Hey, when it takes as long as this did, it deserves to be instagrammed) 

3.    Summer BBQs. If you can believe it, there was actually way more food unpictured.


4.    We clean up aiight 

5.    Sunset over Sugar Lake

6.    Wine and Cheese with a view.. oh you fancy huh  

7.    This album has been getting me through a lot of tough runs lately. Kanye- you may be a crazed egomaniac with questionable child-naming skills, but your beats are solid and your lyrics genius. So thank you for that.  

8.    Champagne celebrations

9.    I challenge you to name me a treat more delicious than s’mores

You just peed in your pants a little, didn't you?

You just peed in your pants a little, didn’t you?

10.  So I joined a softball league this summer- considering the ability to play softball entirely irrelevant. The only thing worse than my batting average is my attendance- but I do contribute to the team by taking glorious, sunset candid shots like this one.. so I think I’m pulling my weight.

11.  My lovely friend Danielle looking fierce at her wedding

12.  Cottage Adventures

13.  Do you… canoe? (Ok that was lame. Forgive me guys, I’ve been out of the game for a while) 

14.  Little father’s day tribute to my pops.. (and some inadvertent product placement. Mmm. Veggie Thins) 

15.  Delicious Sangria by the pool… I am just noticing now how many of these pics involve alcohol.


16.  A lifesize “The Claw” arcade game set up in the financial district as part of Toronto’s Luminato festival for the arts and creativity. There was actually a dude inside who, when you put money into the machine, tried to retrieve a toy for you with oversize claw-like implements. Everyone cheered when he got one, and when he missed they played the sad fail music from the Price is Right. 

Umm this Youtube video has had over 3 million views. I don’t know why, but that’s awesome.

Question of the Day: What has been the highlight of your summer thus far?

Mine’s probably a tossup between drinking that Sangria and watching the new season of Big Brother.. but I expect that to change when I head to Nova Scotia this weekend!


27 thoughts on “My Life Through Instagram Vol. 2

Add yours

  1. So… more Breezy and less lawyers…? AWESOME NEWS.

    My highlight so far has been that I’ve almost finished my latest book. I just need to bosh it out to some kind proof readers, wait nervously for them to do their thing, and then get it released.

    You look corking in green, by the way.


  2. Uh-oh. I sent something to you at your (I assume) old work address. So much for the element of surprise. Hey, a notice from you just popped up on my screen! We’re writing to each other at the same time! Anyway, NS nostalgia in my post tomorrow, by the way, sort of, kind of, not really.


    1. I got it! I am planning to read it and review it whenever I get back to my regular blogging schedule 😉
      NS Says “what up Ross, we miss you up in here.”


  3. Hmmm. I’m going to go with the drag show that my partner and I saw while vacationing in Provincetown, Mass. Spring, summer, winter or fall, drag shows are tons of fun. Either that or the first BLT of the summer … crisp bacon, bright red tomatoes from the local farm stand, iceberg lettuce and just the right amount of mayo. Served with a side of chips and organic lemonade.


  4. The highlight? Hmmm…I don’t really feel like there’s been a highlight yet. Except I did take two days off before and after my weekend birthday, it was like taking a week off of work. It was glorious. And I didn’t want to go back afterwards. And then I’ve had like three short weeks since then. And then my favorite photography company posted a job I really want. Wish me luck!


  5. Congrats on your move out of private practice. I’ve two girlfriends who *were* lawyers – one is no longer practicing, the other working for the government. I see her all the time on FB during work hours now. Before I didn’t even know if she was alive or dead.


  6. So far, the highlight of my summer has been dressing up for ridiculously awesome events! Mostly beer runs, LOL. I have tutus in every color and I intend to wear the crap out of them. Oh, and camping. Camping has been great this year.
    PS–I love the mixtape I got last year. Here’s hoping I win another! 😀


  7. I was going to be mad at the long layoff, but then you distracted me with the Panda and the fact that he eats less than me. And the adventure time gif where he loves food more than people. I also do that. May I use that stolen pic by the way?


  8. I noticed your canoeing photo the other day on Instagram — note to others: why are you not following our girl on Instagram?!? I was going to make a comment, but, then I thought you’d be like “Who’s this stalker?!”

    But, just look at you, all athletically paddling and shit… you go girl!


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