My Life Through Instagram

I haven’t been very inspired to write lately. Perhaps it’s because of my disillusionment/exhaustion/overwhelming desire to kill myself  general sense of malaise from trying to write a novel in 30 days.


Or maybe it’s the fact that I was sick with the plague a dreadful cold/flu last week (yeah, in JUNE. THANKS GLOBAL WARMING).



It actually got so bad that I called in sick to work for the first time in three years. I spent a solid 8 hours watching daytime TV, periodically spraying my throat with Chloraseptic in an effort to stave off the black lung (don’t question my methods) and drifting in and out of consciousness.

………….Lemme tell ya, Anderson Cooper fever dreams are one helluva drug.  


Oh, and I also just joined a Bachelorette pool at work, so now I have to spend approximately 90% of my time trash-talking all of my colleagues. Drew for the win!


Anyway, since I am still pretty low on f*cks to give, rather than write a real blog post, I thought I’d try a neat little idea I saw on another blog the other day –  a summary of my life  over the past few weeks through Instagram: 


1. A sick manicure I got a few weeks ago. It took a ridiculously long time, but those damn little chevrons made me so happy every time I looked at them that it was worth it.


2. A few weeks back, I received free tickets to the Canadian Opera Company’s performance of Salome at the Four Seasons Center. I was really excited because I had never been to the Opera before, and the whole thing just felt so civilized.

I stole this pic from my friend Lia who was with me and is a great grammer herself
I stole this pic from my friend Lia who is also a great grammer

The performance was in German, and I will admit that for the first 30 minutes, I had no effing clue what was going on. (Even though there were subtitles. I’m just that smart.) Seriously guys, I was beginning to think I was being punked. But then someone on stage got beheaded, and after that I was totally into it


Afterwards we were given a backstage tour and got to look at all the props (not the decapitated head though. I asked) and see how they do all the high-tech stuff. It was bomb, and if I can ever afford to buy my own tickets, I will totally go back again. So probably never.

3. Starbucks Fail. I feel like I should have been more offended by this.

4. A replica of Peggy’s Cove erected in Toronto’s financial district a couple of weeks ago. I actually thought I was seeing a mirage on my way to work in the morning, but then was lured into the display by a charming Tourism Nova Scotia employee with a familiar accent (damn those hard “A”‘s. They get me every time). I was so entranced by the man in a kilt onstage teaching the awestruck crowd how to properly cook a lobster that I ended up being 20 minutes late for work. #WorthIt

5.  I’m usually not one of those people who instagrams their food (OK, I totally am) but my lunch yesterday from IQ Food Co. was just way too good not to capture. I mean…Sh*t is like a healthy food rainbow.

6. This past Saturday I attended the Field Trip Music Festival in Toronto. The festival  celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Canadian record label Arts & Crafts, and featured a ton of amazing Canadian (and international) artists like Broken Social Scene, Feist, Stars, Bloc Party,  Ra Ra Riot, etc. It was an amazing day filled with friends, music and laughter.


……Except for a brief period where they ran out of beer. BLAME CANADA.


7. My new favourite show, Family Tree on HBO. It’s written and directed by Christopher Guest (Best In Show,  This is Spinal Tap) and stars mah boo Chris O’Dowd (the hot cop from Bridesmaids). It’s dry, brilliantly written and hilarious and is cheering me up from my disappointment over the new season of Arrested Development. (I’m only on episode 5- does it get better??)

8. Yogurt is good for you, right? (Side note: Nanaimo bars as a topping?? OMG)

9. I went to check out the flowers at Alan Gardens (It’s my “Serenity Now” place) last weekend and stumbled across this Cactus convention, which apparently, is a thing. Guys, there were so many weird cacti!!


I spent a good hour checking them all out, and talking to the cactus growers who themselves are just as interesting (speaking of Christopher Guest…). Moral of the story: when life hands you a Cactus, make friends with its grower? #BadParable.

Question of the Day: Do You Instagram?

If so, what’s your handle?For more of this groundbreaking photojournalism, follow me @breezyk1


38 thoughts on “My Life Through Instagram

Add yours

  1. I don’t share my Instagram because its filled with pictures of the sky, my cat, and food. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m crazy cat lady who doesn’t leave the house.

    Also, about the manicure–very jealy over here.


      1. I’m thinking I may treat my talons to a mani-pedi on Friday, but they’re so short and stumpy I should be embarrassed. Too bad I’m not.


  2. I loved Chris O’Dowd in The IT Crowd – it’s on Netflix – we watched the entire 4 seasons in a week! Arrested Development is kind of disappointing (and what’s up with de Rossi’s face – did she get a bad facelift…?)


    1. K so I wondered the same thing myself and did some google searching. Apparently she looks totally normal at recent red carpet events and people are saying its the wig she has to wear I the show that’s messing up her face. I’m not convinced. I’m also distracted by how much everyone has aged since the last season. It’s like Arrested Development bizarro world.


  3. I used to Instagram, but I deleted it when the whole photography rights thing broke after Facebook got their filthy hands on it. (I mean…) I do miss it though, if I only used it for the lulz the next time I got it. If I ever do again.

    I am loving your chevron nails! I need to get a manicure, stat. I might do that this week…Also, what were they even trying to write on your coffee cup? I am confused.


  4. Love this idea, especially because I’m not writing a novel in 30 days and still haven’t felt much like blogging lately.

    Just followed you on the gram — hit me back @wittyburg for … basically just embarrassing childhood pics!


  5. I’m on Instagram and mine contains a strange collection of things from my life. I like this blog idea, I may have to steal it for my own blog, I hope you don’t mind!

    Instagram: @thatrobhall


  6. Glad you’re feeling better…

    Opera sounds like fun … can’t go wrong with live beheadings.

    Was on IG, then deleted everything when the whole ‘photo rights’ thing happened… but, getting back on … only a few dog photos at the moment… @noontimeone


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