Dreams Really Do Come True

So remember that time I saw Jason Priestley at a play and vowed to make him mine?

Well kids, I’m here to tell you that if you stalk work hard enough, dreams really do come true!


That’s right ladies- read ’em and weep: Brandon Walsh and I are officially an item.  (Just kidding. I don’t think his wife would like that very much. But our heads are touching in this pic, which basically means we’re besties now.)

The pic above was taken at the wrap party for the play Race by David Mamet, in which Jason starred as a morally conflicted criminal lawyer.


My friend Jane and I went to see it a couple of weeks ago, and afterwards received an e-mail inviting us to schmooze with Jason and the cast at the wrap party. Obviously we couldn’t let the opportunity to hang with 90210’s resident moral compass pass us by,


so we got dolled up and went.

There were only about 75 people in attendance, so stalking opportunity = prime.  Jason was hanging with the DJ and taking some photos with fans, so we made our way up to talk to him.

I will admit, I had a total fangirl moment was unable to form words for the first few seconds,


But eventually I pulled it together and eeked out “I loved your play!” (lie, it was terrible) “you made a very convincing lawyer!” (another lie, he didn’t), and then we chatted for a few minutes – mostly about Nova Scotia, where I’m from, and he films his TV show Call me Fitz. He said he loves it and has been thinking of buying a home there (!!!!).  Note to self: move back to Nova Scotia.

Things were just getting good when his handler came over and asked “if I could I please hurry it up because they needed to move along.”

Ummm.. RUDE. Could she not see we clearly had a connection?

Anyway, we shared a wistful embrace (if you’re wondering, he smelled like expensive cologne and nostalgia) and then Jane and I left and headed to another bar. We were debriefing about our brush with celebrity when lo and behold, Jason and his assistant walk into the VERY SAME BAR!

On the inside I was like:


But on the outside, I’m just like:


We asked them if they were stalking us (because, you know, we touched heads, so we can joke like that now) and they laughed, and then drank with us for the rest of the night. (And by “with us” I mean at the table next to us, and we didn’t speak another word- but close enough for me!)

Anyway, I see this all as a very positive development in our relationship. Am I disappointed things didn’t progress more? Sure. But it’s Brandon Walsh, I’ve learned he likes to take things slow.


Don’t worry Brandon Jason- I’ve got time.

Question of the Day: Were you a 90210 fan? What celeb from your youth would you want to meet?


19 thoughts on “Dreams Really Do Come True

Add yours

  1. Hmmm, I think most celebs from my youth are dead. NO! Just kidding, I’m not that old. Um, my crushes from grade school I could care less about like Greg Brady and David Cassidy. However I still think I’d get totally giddy if I came across David Bowie. Yea, I know I’m weird.


  2. His publicist is so rude. Can’t they tell when you have a love connection? You were just trying to get his address in Nova Scotia so you could stalk him when you went home. Is that such a bad thing. The head touch will get him thinking about when he can see you again.


  3. You make a lovely couple, and I reckon he’s berating his publicist right this minute.

    I didn’t ever watched 90210 but I’d like to meet one of the biker mice from Mars from the cartoon Biker Mice from Mars.


  4. I’m guessing that the fact that you said he sucked in the play pretty much = END to relationship.

    I had a tongue tied meeting a celebrity moment — I was about 16 or 17. We went to a play — Cactus Flower, and after, I got to meet one of the stars: Elke Sommer (google her, you’re to young to know who she is … never much more than a “Z” list celeb here in the US). Anyway, I had no interest in meeting her, but, was drug along with the people I was with. She came out, and I’m all of a sudden unable to say anything for a moment, then, all I can think to say is “You’re pretty in person.”

    She graciously smiled, and hurried away.


  5. I was pretty much a sucker for Luke Perry in 90210, but I would love to meet Corey Haim (if he wasnt dead) and ask him how he managed to fuck everything up so badly and die young! 😦


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