Throwback Thursday: 90’s Edition

Fasten your seatbelts, kids- because I’m about to take you on a trip down memory lane the masochistic nostalgia highway with yet another round of have beens, washed ups and never-weres.

Yes, it’s Throwback Thursday again- and this week, we’re kicking it 90’s style.   


The inspiration for this TBT actually came from an experience I had at a play a couple of weeks ago here in Toronto.

Yes, you read that correctly: BreezyK went to the theaaaataaah! Clearly I’ve been spending way too much time with Intellectual Dachshund.

All the world's a stage and.... hey, where's my scotch?
All the world’s a stage and…. hey, who moved my scotch?

Anyway, I was standing in line at the box office waiting for my homies, when suddenly I spotted a handsome gentleman to my immediate right. I was like


I turned my head to take a closer look, only to discover that this “cute guy” was actually BRANDON FREAKING WALSH!!!


 Yes- Jason Priestley was standing directly beside me, breathing the very same air. I wanted to say something snarky like “hey, wanna go to the Peach Pit after this?” or  “how’s Brenda? still reeling from that pregnancy scare?”


But I refrained, and instead focused on obsessively studying every detail of his face. He was wearing a red K-Way type jacket, and looked a little worse for the wear- sort of like a hot dad post-soccer practice.


He was also shorter than I expected, but had movie star eyes: the kind that melt your heart and haunt your soul at the same time. We held eye contact for roughly 3 seconds. (I counted.) 


Obviously I had to Google him afterwards. It’s the responsible thing to do once you start dating someone new. I discovered that after such career highs as Choices of the Heart: The Margaret Sanger Story and People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful 1991, Jason bounced around for a while before landing the role of a morally flexible car salesman on HBO’s Call Me Fitz. 


The show has received some critical acclaim and firmly re-trenched the Canadian starlet in D-List celebrity territory. Priestley is also starring in David Mamet’s new play “Race”, opening here in Toronto on Sunday. So, if you need me, I’ll be sitting in the front row, wearing my ratty old 90210 shirt and cheering on my man until further notice. Jason, if you’re reading this- let’s try to make it 4 seconds this time.  😉 

Savage Garden

This TBT is brought to you by the Bellagio hotel lobby, whose unofficial radio policy is: “All Savage Garden, All The Time”.


I swear I heard their songs more times in the past 4 days than in the past 10 years combined.  (Not that I’m complaining.)

For those of you who didn’t slow dance to “Truly Madly Deeply” with your grade 6 boyfriend like I did, I’ll give a little background: Savage Garden was an Australian pop/rock duo who first hit it big in North America back in 1998. Something about “Chicken Cherry Cola”.

The band consisted of Darren Hayes on vocals and Daniel Jones on instrumentals. After producing a handful of hits in the late 90’s, the pair split up in 2001 so Hayes could pursue his solo endeavours. 

Hayes came out with the song “Insatiable” in 2002 which I never heard but somehow has over 4 million YouTube hits???

I initially credited this to his glorious frosted tips in the video:


but joke’s on me, because Darren Hayes is actually a legit TBT success story! He has done four solo albums since Savage Garden, all of which have been commercially successful. According to Wikipedia, he also came out as being gay in the early 2000’s and is a huge a Star Wars buff. Who Knew!


Now I know y’all remember pissing the night away to this one:

But what has happened to the Brit band since?

Well, apparently Chumbawamba has been together for almost 30 years (!!) and was originally formed as an anarchist movement.


After gracing the world with their surreptitiously anti-facist party anthem “TubThumping”, Chumbawamba had a bit of an identity crisis. They signed under multiple different labels, recording songs in basically every genre possible: techno, punk, world, a capella folk. They even released a Japan-only mini album (wtf is that?) consisting entirely of country and western versions of their greatest hits. Oh, and I almost forgot- they also sometimes go by the name “Skin Disease”.


Apparently they got tired of being the weirdest band on earth, because in 2012, they decided to call it quits.


So I know I say this about everyone, but this band REALLY needs their own reality show. I would totally watch that noise.

Off to find a way to make that happen!


Question of the Day: Any 90’s stars you wonder about?


21 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: 90’s Edition

Add yours

  1. Every single teen heatthrob who graced a tiger beat poster I taped up to my walls between 1996 and 2000. My grade 6th self would have done anything for Zach Hanson. Welp, that’s my 90s confession for the month.


  2. Congrats on your new boyfriend Jason Priestly. I always knew you would end up with a celebrity. I assume you will start upgrading so that eventually you’ll end up stealing Brad Pitt from Jolie.


  3. I’m just happy that your celeb couple name will be recognizable so that when I see “Breez-ley welcome their first child” at the grocery store checkout I will be all over that. Congrats! Well done!


      1. There’s a slight but critical difference. People of your young years take “power” naps while people of my age take “Oh I’m sorry, what were you saying? I must have drifted off again” naps. Give me another 20 or 30 years and I’ll be taking the ultimate, a “dirt” nap.


  4. Wow. I would have passed out standing that close to Jason Priestley, I am SO jealous right now. I also understand the savage garden thing too….I know all of their lyrics in and out. I wonder what happened to the boys of Five. Loved that band 😛


  5. Ah, Breezy, my dear… thank you for this post… it’s made me feel so …. old. You were falling in love with your 6th grade boyfriend to the sounds of Savage Garden, and I, in my mid 30s, was falling in love with my boyfriend to the same song… Yes, thank you for making me feel old… and for reminding me of why I fell in love with my boyfriend (who, by the way, is still my boyfriend)…

    And, Jason P… you just bump into all The Big Names. It’s envy, I suffer, Envy! 🙂


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