Viva Las Vegas (Giveaway!!)

In true lapsed Catholic fashion, this year I’ve decided to spend Easter weekend in the un-holiest place on earth: Vegas Baby!!


That’s right folks- by the time you read this, I will be on my way to Sin City with 17 other bad b*tches to celebrate the bachelorette parties of two of our closest friends. Yep- a DOUBLE bachelorette. God help our livers us all.


I was initially worried that my very devout mother would be horrified at the idea of my spending Good Friday popping bottles with Diddy at Wet Republic,


But apparently she’s way too busy worrying about Pope Francis to even notice. (“I mean, I know he preaches the simple life and all.. but if he doesn’t start using more security soon he’s not gonna be preaching anything at all” )


So I think I’m all set! I’ve got my flip flops, sunglasses, magazines, a crap- ton of candy, and this divine piece of literature for the plane:


The lady at Chapters assured me that it was “amazing” and “a total page turner”, but with lines like “the next time I drive a Ferrari, I’ll be sure to wear a longer skirt” – I have my doubts.

Anyway, I’ve never been to Vegas, but if it’s anything like I’ve seen in the movies, then I expect to do at least one, if not more of the following things while I’m there:

1. Play a specialized role in an organized casino heist with a motley crew of 11 12 13 sidekicks


2. Lose one of the bachelorettes, kidnap Mike Tyson’s tiger and pull my own tooth out


3. Develop an elaborate card counting scheme under the direction of my mentor, Nicholas Cage


4. Marry Ashton Kutcher and split a $3 million jackpot

What Happens in Vegas movie image Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher

5. Launder millions of superdollars in a counterfeit scam involving the Triads


6. Thwart Project Vulcan after nearly being assisinated by FemmeBots


7. Form an unlikely relationship with a hardened prostitute and suddenly develop a new lease on life


8. Lose all of my money gambling and have to share a $1.49 buffet with my cousin Eddie


9. Enter a beauty pageant in order to save the original Captain Kirk


10. Get hopped up on acid and drive around in an old Eldorado


Yes my friends, in Vegas, anything is possible!!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and that the Easter bunny finds you. (For your sake, I hope it’s not the same one whose lap I sat on in grade 1.)

*Not me
*Not me

And if you want to make your Easter REALLY special, you can enter my Festive East-Vegas Giveaway! Just match each of the Vegas activities listed above with the correct movie below, and you could win a free CAMEL LIFE TSHIRT!!


Unfortunately, it’s a ladies size small, so if it doesn’t fit then I guess you’ll just have to frame it and hang it on your wall along with the rest of your BreezyK memorabilia. The winner will also receive a personalized Easter card from me and a Las Vegas themed trinket for your garbage home!

If more than one person guesses the order correctly, I will take bribes draw names.

Here is the list of movies to be matched with the correct # above. Good luck!

A. National Lampoon’s Vegas vacation

B. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

C. Rush Hour 2

D. What Happens in Vegas

E. The Hangover

F. Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous

G. 21

H. Oceans 11/12/13

I. Leaving Las Vegas

J. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Contest closes on Sunday, March 31 at high noon!

Question of the Day: What are your plans for Easter weekend?


41 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas (Giveaway!!)

Add yours

  1. Easter isn’t a big deal for me, but me and my boyfriend are dying eggs because my inner ten year old still loves it.

    Please say hello to Diddy for me! (Since I’m a loser I can’t do the matching game… I need to see more movies.)


  2. Easter is the same for me every year: fly to Vegas, jump out of a cake for some chick’s bachelorette party, grovel for sympathy tips and hope my back hair didn’t traumatize anyone, hop on the red-eye and fly home in time to look for eggs with the neighborhood kids.

    I’d enter your contest, but I’m not enough of a movie guy.

    Have fun, see you in Sin City!


      1. That skinny wench and I parted ways years ago. She’s such a diva! I used to hang with her old bald hubby – the dude could tell a story. Now though, things are different – she wouldn’t be caught dead hanging out with an overweight male stripper!


  3. Sorry, but I don’t see any of those things happening with the glaring exception of #8, which, unfortunately, probably will happen 😉

    1. H

    2. E

    3. G

    4. D

    5. C

    6. F

    7. J

    8. A

    9. B

    10. I

    There are a few I’m not sure about, but I refuse to imdb cheat so if I don’t win the t-shirt that won’t fit anyone I know it’ll be okay 😉 Have a blast in Vegas. It’s the best – I love it. Stay away from the booze-by-the-yard! A yard long margarita might seem like the greatest invention ever at first…. But trust me LOL


    1. Thanks for entering and I respect your desire to not cheat!! And how can you expect me to turn down something called “booze-by-the-yard”? You can’t, is the answer. You simply can’t.


  4. Sorry, I can’t answer your quiz because I’m transfixed by the fembots, and not because of what you’re thinking. It’s because all three of them blink at the same time on the second shot. Mesmerizing!
    Have fun in Vague-Ass!


  5. Your grade 1 Easter bunny is f***ing terrifying. I wonder who commissioned that costume, I’m also seriously impressed that you aren’t crying. Have a great time in Vegas!


    1. Luckily, that is not me in the pic but some random, probably very scarred child I found on google images. That pic will for sure give me nightmares now tho. We miss u kitty!!


  6. I’ve never seen a child poised on EB’s lap, and that particularly EB looks like a pedophile. I’m going to have to cannibalize a few chocolate EBs now, in an attempt to blot out that image with a sugar-high, or a sugar coma…whichever comes first! Happy partying!


  7. I was going to get a cheeseteak sandwich on Friday to be a sinner but then I realized everyone in my town is probably Catholic. I might get shot.

    Have fun, have adventures, and forget who you are.

    I was going to enter the contest because I love website t-shirts. Admittedly I am also a little curious what I would look like in a lady’s small t-shirt. I’m going to allow someone else to win the prizes and hope it’s a Canadian so you don’t have to pay the extra postage.


    1. You are so virtuous! I think that act of kindness means you should get the cheesesteak. Reverence shmeverence, that’s what I always say (just kidding, I’ve never said that)


  8. I would totally win this if not for the fact that there is no way I am going to fit into that shirt. I think it might fit one of my arms possibly. Be warned that Vegas can be a tad overrated, but I don’t want to ruin it for you. Whoops too late.


  9. 1. Oceans 13
    2. Hangover
    3. 21
    4. What happens in Vegas
    5. Rush hour 2
    6. Austin Powers: IM of M
    7. Leaving Las Vegas
    8. National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation
    9. Ms. Congeniality: Armed and Fabulous
    10.Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
    Couldn’t resist. Have fun in vegas.


    1. Haha yes! Thanks for entering 🙂 didn’t you read my alternative plan for the shirt? You could also use it as a decorative pillow cover. I’m just saying. So far in Vegas I’ve done a lot of napping and reading so I’m starting to think you might be right haha.. Let’s hope things get real soon!


      1. Oh you are there now. Have you done the crawl through all the casino’s where it is loud and ringy and smoky and the flashing lights, and they all start looking the same? Yeah that was my favorite part.


  10. Vegas is simultaneously horrifying and unbelievably fun. Have a blast! I hope you keep all your teeth!

    I’m so proud that I know all the answers that I need to participate in the quiz.

    1. Oceans 11/12/13
    2. The Hangover
    3. 21
    4. What Happens In Vegas
    5. Rush Hour 2
    6. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
    7. Leaving Las Vegas
    8. National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation
    9. Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous
    10. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


  11. The last time I went to Vegas I was with my parents, so…well. yeah. :/ I did get lots of great photographs though, so that’s always fun. Been talking about a guild meet-up in Vegas for quite awhile, which could possible be awkward and nerdy, but what the hell. It’s Vegas.

    Hope you’re having uber much fun!


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