8 Ways To Stay Happy This Blue Monday

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Monday, January 21st is probably going to be a bad day for you.


Well, maybe not that bad.

…. But maybe this bad:


At least according to some experts.

Back in 2005 (you know, when Brit and K-Fed were still together) Dr. Cliff Arnall developed a formula to determine the most depressing day of the year. After taking into account the poor weather conditions, holiday debts coming due, failed New Year’s Resolutions and the lack of something to look forward to in the immediate future, he settled on the third Monday in January of each year; now colloquially known as “Blue Monday”.


So what are we to do with the saddest day of the year on our hands? Roll over and let Blue Monday win? Of course not!

As a wise man once said (and by “wise man”, I mean the Emperor in Mulan) :

The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.”

Just look at that beard. Homeboy knows.

Let us not cry into our Kashi GoLean this Blue Monday morning. Instead, let us become those rare and beautiful flowers. Let us BLOOM!

Here are just a few ideas how you can beat the winter blues and make it happen:

1. Do Something Good For Others  

Doing good for others can help elevate your mood and boost your self-esteem.

So why not help out a friend in need?

Or maybe just don’t post that Facebook status about your toddler’s potty training progress:

Via Mashable.com
Via Mashable.com

Or that Someecard. Even if this one is really hilarious:


Ok, that actually is hilarious. Go ahead and post that.

2. Remember, things could always be worse.

Tommy Lee Jones could be giving you this look:


3. Exercise


Fitness Hamster knows that exercise not only makes you buff, it also produces mood-lifting endorphins.

….and so does this Goldendoodle:

Bonus points for proper use of the emergency cord.

…and this stylish cat:

You can even do it in style

… and this dog who’s showing off:

Don't let this dog intimidate you. He's got a natural advantage.
Don’t let him intimidate you. He’s got a natural advantage at this.

4. Eat Healthy

Everyone knows a healthy diet can give you more energy and boost your overall mood. But eating healthy is hard, right?  Au Contraire bonjour! Just look how easy it is to incorporate healthy foods into your diet:




 5. Treat Yourself


Take a page from the book of Tom Haverford and treat yo’ self to something really special this Blue Monday.

Like some sweet joo’ree:

No animals were harmed in the making of this outfit
No animals were harmed in the making of this outfit

Or maybe a sexy new snowsuit:


….Or a dope new hat:

How can you be sad about the weather WHEN YOUR HAT IS THIS AWESOME
how can you be sad about the weather WHEN YOUR HAT IS THIS AWESOME

Couldn't grow a beard before? now you can!

.. Or maybe this sweet SAD visor:

What about this sweet SAD visor? It's stylish and productive
Who’s got seasonal affective disorder? NOT THIS LADY

….or this thing:

How about this?
Great for both drinking out of straws and feeling feelings

Or whatever these guys are wearing:

Or maybe just whatever these guys are wearing. They look cozy.
They look cozy.

6. Take comfort in the company of good friends:



This one has the added benefit of making you feel better about your life by comparison.

7. Surround yourself with inspirational mantras and positive affirmations




8. Keep Things in Perspective

No matter how bad your circumstances are, at least you’re not the chick who wore a  wedding dress on the first episode of The Bachelor:


..Or Keith Urban right now:


…….. and when all else fails, do as 80’s Paul Rudd would do, and DANCE!

 photo paulrudddancing.gif

Question of the Day: Do you have any tips to beat Blue Monday?

P.S. This Polar Bear just told me he refuses to be shown up by Mike from Friends:




30 thoughts on “8 Ways To Stay Happy This Blue Monday

Add yours

  1. It’s Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday Monday so I don’t know how depressed people in the US will be because a lot of people have off. It’s weird how his birthday is always the third Monday in January. Usually people have a specific date. What a wonderful man.

    What will I do? Maybe listen to the Orgy song Blue Monday and treat myself to that one outfit where the head looks like a blow dryer.


  2. I refuse to let Blue Monday get me down. Because although I still have to work on Monday (despite other people’s holiday)I don’t have to teach that day, so I go home at 4:00! Sweet! 😀


  3. Okay I was not aware of this thing called “blue Monday” so I guess it wasn’t that bad since I learned something new today. I am going to share that video of the puppy with everyone I know after I watch it another 50 times. Working out in this horrible winter weather it’s not going to happen so I’ll just incorporate “fruits and veggies” to my diet, I like your definition of “fruits & veggies” and unknowly I treated myself to some boots and a chunky scarf (appropriate for this horrid weather) and positive affirmations only work the first 5 minutes so I’ll just stuff my face with chocolate covered strawberries and drink so wine (keeping it healthy by including fruits). Happy Monday!


  4. Thank you for teaching me that polar bears love to dance. This coupled with my knowledge of their christmas love of sugary drinks through the ingestion of Coca Cola products has convinced they are perfectly harmless and I’m now traveling to the north pole to pet one.


  5. I read that you’re “da shiznizzle” and “a bomb” from @lilyinCanada’s blog. Naturally, I had to scope you out. Your blog is great! 🙂


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