Nothing Says Love Like A Mixtape (Giveaway!)

Around this time of year, I start to get a little sentimental. I think about my family, my friends, my Starbucks barista, my Thai delivery guy, and everyone else who makes this sad, lonely existence a little bit more bearable every day.

Oh, and of course, all of you! Blogging keeps me (at least somewhat) happy and sane, and I love having readers like you guys who accept the challenge of wading through my mindless drivel every day. (I recognize this may be just a manifestation of your own self-loathing. I’ll still take it.) Reading your comments and all of your own hilarious posts keep me inspired on a daily basis, and for that I’d like to say thank you.

……………With a mixtape!!


For those of you who have been following lately, you will be pleased to know that after much annoying posting about it research and consideration, the track list for Breezyk’s 2012 Year In Review Mixtape has officially been finalized!

My inaugural year in review mixtape features 16 of my favourite tracks from albums that debuted in 2012, and is a solid mix of indie, pop, hip-hop and other cool hipster genres that you’ve probably never heard of. (See some example tracks here, here and here)

It was tough work cutting it down to 16 tracks though. There might be a B-Side. Stay tuned.

Anyway, I am giving away 5 of these puppies to you lucky readers! (I realize it’s sort of presumptuous to think that 5 of you would even want it.. but let’s just play along shall, we?  I was up until 2:00 a.m. making this thing)

If you want to enter, leave a comment below telling me what you want for Christmas. Bonus entries are available if you follow the Camel Life on Facebook (see the sidebar) or on Twitter @thecamellife.  Tis the season of shameless blog promotion!

I will pick 5 lucky winners at random who will be mailed a copy of my mixtape, along with a hand-written, non-denominational, environmentally conscious, fiscally responsible, gluten-free Holiday card. And maybe even a gender-neutral Easy Bake Oven. We’ll see.


Contest Remains open until Friday, December 21, 2012 at 5:00p.m. Eastern Time. Good luck!

Question of the Day: What do you want for Christmas?  

(or, if you don’t celebrate Christmas – what’s one thing you’re currently coveting?)

And just as a teaser, here’s track #4 for your listening pleasure:


41 thoughts on “Nothing Says Love Like A Mixtape (Giveaway!)

Add yours

  1. I know what I want for Christmas…a BreezyK mixtape! I haven’t made one myself in years. I remember listening patiently by the radio in anticipation for happy songs to play. Now I can wait by my computer…oh, technology!


  2. Love this idea. What I want for the holiday season (I don’t celebrate Christmas, unfortunately) is: a tape player to play your fabulous mixtape in!

    Your blog is so fun. Thanks for the laughs!


  3. Sorry I can’t follow you on facebook because I don’t have one, I deleted it a few years back, otherwise I would definitely stalk you there as well, but I do have a twitter and now I am following you because your life is too fabulous not to follow! (extra brownie points)

    Now what do I want for christmas? I’ll start by admitting I’m a material girl (so shameful) so I want: iPad mini although I already have the latest iPad; boots, MK purse, an MK watch, some new jewelry, journals (because I’m obsessed with them) and some new reading material.


    1. Extra brownie points for sure! I want an iPad really badly too (any secret Santas out there who are listening!) what MK purse do you want? I just bought myself a little Rebecca Minkoff cross
      Body bag for my own Christmas present.. Treat yo’ self!


    Ok, If I do this right…maybe karma will also give me a kickback, so…I want world peace for Christmas! For real though. I want people to know they are loved. It’s way too crazy out there right now. Thanks for sharing your words, that is your real gift to us.


  5. There are dozens of answers floating aroumd my addled head right now:
    *Peace of mind and soul for the suffering souls of Newtown.
    *Friendship for the friendless.
    *A clue for the Kardashians.
    *More friends like you. Do you realize we live less than two hours away from each other? I just realized that!

    But for me?
    A big stack of comic books.
    I’m a simple man with simpe needs…


    1. Amen for the peace of mind for those in Newton- I’ve been praying for them too and those beautiful little angels.
      And as for the more friends like me… Well you may have just won yourself
      An extra entry sir!


  6. Since I don’t cook or bake, maybe it’s real ovens and stoves that scare me. Maybe an easy bake oven is a scale I could handle. So I want an easy bake oven for Xmas!


  7. For Christmas, I want world peace, continent peace, country peace, city peace, town peace, village peace… People say that all the time. But that’s my only Christmas wish this year. If I had to be a little selfish though, I’d say I want a tape player for your mixtape because I’m already assuming I won.


  8. Since the world has now ended, I see that I won’t win, but I do know that I want a Nintendo WiiU for Christmas, which I know will get and a 3ds. It stinks knowing that everything you want is already known and also something you had to pay for. Anyways, I know I won’t win because I am like a few hours late! So bitter!


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