You Googled What??

The world is a strange and mysterious place.

I am reminded of this almost every time I log into WordPress and peruse the list of search terms people have used to find my blog.

While many are unsurprising (“Camel”, “Breezyk”,  “unbelievably hot Sex Goddess”), others are pretty funny, and some just downright weird.

Regardless, they give me a good chuckle every time I read them, so I thought I would share a few of the best with you guys today.

Lord knows we could all use a good laugh, given that it’s now the second most miserable month of the year (after February), and the days are about as long as an episode of Breaking Amish ( not nearly long enough).

Not to mention the fact that I’ve heard the term “electoral college” way more times in the past 24 hours than I have enough booze for. In the words of the great Canadian treasure Avril Lavigne: Americans, why you gotta go and make things so complicated?

Hurts mah GD brain, y’all.

Here we go:

 The 10  15* Best Search Terms That Have Led People to My Blog Lately:

*I tried to narrow it down, but couldn’t. There were just too many gems.  My editorial notes can be found below.

1. “where to find lonely people”

– Ding ding!!

2. “nadya suleman creepy”

–  couldn’t agree more.

3. “i wish my voice was like Lil’ Wayne’s”

– I wish a lot of things of mine were like Lil’ Waynes. Most notably, my bank account.

4. “fat ginger women”

– this one is just perplexing. I don’t even know any fat ginger women. Besides maybe Ron Weasley’s mom from Harry Potter. And I don’t even really know her. I just read about her once in a book. Keep searchin’, buddy.

5. “hipster ukelele”

– awesome.

6. “funny pictures about snacks”

– there is nothing funny about snacks. Snacks are sacred.

7. “Nice things about living in Nova Scotia”

– answer: EVERYTHING.

Well, besides the chronically high unemployment. And the mixed precipitation. And the low number of Starbucks per capita. But besides that.. everything else.

8 “loneliness is highly overrated”

– is it? caaaause I thought I made it look pretty miserable…

9. “seth meyers hot”

– Preach, like-minded google searcher!

10. “How long does carb face last?”

– Well, if you’re like me (checks watch), about 27 years.

11. “drink in moderation”

– Haha. Ha.

12. الورد الاحمر.

– still working on this one.

13. “my dirty laundry”

– sorry, you’ll only find mine here I’m afraid.

14. “archery backpack”

– Sorry I couldn’t help you, person who searched this. Let me know when you find one though. I’ve also been looking for a more efficient means of transporting my archery supplies.

hook a homeboy up too, would ya?

15. “”God wants to talk to you but can’t”

– Oh, I’m sure he does…

So to recap: according to Google, I am a lonely, ukelele-playing ginger woman with a voice like Lil Wayne and a penchant for archery, who lives in Nova Scotia, is a moderate drinker, and has not yet found God.

Sounds about right.

To all the Googling weirdos, creepers and lonely souls out there: keep on searching. You’ll get it right eventually.

Question of the Day: Any good google searches to share?


24 thoughts on “You Googled What??

Add yours

  1. “Don’t use personal pronouns”, “Is Ryan Gosling catholic”, “jailbait” and “I’m not bossy, I just have better ideas” are my favorite search items. Clearly you are beating me though. I’m super jealous someone found you through a hipster ukulele and the Arabic writing, which obviously reads “Looking for an Arabian princess”.

    I haven’t said this yet but thank you for putting up my favorite cat picture in your background. June Cleaver cat ALWAYS brings a smile to my face! Date soon?


    1. Ok so IS Ryan gosling catholic?? The clamoring masses want to know. Also, you’re welcome on the background. I did it with you especially in mind. I think I might print her out and frame her actually


  2. This was super entertaining and hilarious. All the search terms for my blog aren’t funny. They’re just super lame. But really, snacks are sacred. Amen.


  3. When we first started our family blog in January, someone googled “18 ass porn” and came across a post my teenage daughter had written with an Eminem reference. Our first reaction was horror, immediately followed by laughter. It is an ongoing family joke now. Awesome post!


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