A Tutu is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Happy Halloweeen, friends!

Today is an extra special day in The Camel Life, because not only is it All Hallow’s Eve, it’s also… (dun dun dun……) my birthday!

That’s right folks, I came into this crazy world on October 31st, along with all the other little ghouls and goblins… and Rob Schneider and Vanilla Ice, apparently.

Embarrassing fact alert: My dad calls me “Pumpkin Toes” because of this. Any of you try this, and I will cut you.

I started my 27 19th year of existence as any sane person would: By going for a run…. in a hurricane.

Despite the forecast projecting gale force winds and heavy rainfall, I somehow convinced my friend Colin to come with me:

I don’t think he actually thought I was serious.

But guess whaaaaaaat??

Yes, I actually did wear this ridiculous outfit for a four mile run in downtown Toronto. And yes, I actually am that crazy.

I realize the cat ears are a bit of a non-sequitur but, as Colin said… #YOLO. Plus, my writing teacher has been encouraging us to try and use more “physical comedy”.. so this counts, right?

Let me tell you, after three years of living in this city, I’ve finally figured out the way to make friends here. It’s by wearing a motherfluffin’ tutu. So many people honked their horns, high-fived me, smiled and yelled “You go girl!” It was awesome!

But the best part of the whole thing was that Colin was basically horrified the entire time. He said he was cool with it, but kept running like 10 feet ahead of me and leading me down random, deserted routes with no traffic… I think to avoid being seen with me.

Like, where are we in this pic anyway?

Is this even the GTA?

Just kidding. He was actually a really good sport about it. And I wasn’t even the weirdest person we encountered. We do sorta live in the hood, which means you can always count on someone crazy to take the spotlight off you.

I even got hit on aggressively by two hobos. I guess at my age, you take what you can get eh? πŸ˜‰

In retrospect, although I looked awesome, a tutu may have not been the best choice in the rain. That sh*t soaks up so much water it’s ridiculous. By the end of my run I felt like I was carrying an extra 15 lbs on my midsection. Maybe I’ll remember that feeling when I’m stuffing cupcake #17 into my face later today.

………. Probably not, though.

Well, off to enjoy my favourite holiday/day of the year. And in the meantime, here’s a little playlist of indie Halloween jams that you can rock out to at your Halloween party and immediately up your hipster cred.

Be warned though, none of them are actually about Halloween. They just have Halloween words in the titles. They’re probably actually about feelings.


(And this one isn’t really indie.. but it’s got Nicki in it, so still counts).

Question of the Day: Do you love Halloween like me?

……..Or is it one of those random, weird Holidays you could take or leave.. like National Leftovers Day… or Sneak some Zucchini Into Your Neighbour’s Porch Day? (Not a euphemism.. real holiday. See: http://urbantitan.com/10-weird-holidays/)


26 thoughts on “A Tutu is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Add yours

  1. Happy birthday! And yes, I love Halloween! My favorite holiday (along with some others lol). And if you ever feel low or need a mental pick-me-up, just remember this: a four mile run would kill me (literally – I would die en route). You ran four miles in a tutu – you can do ANYTHING! πŸ™‚


  2. Happy “19th year” sane!! I didn’t run this morning, but I did dress up as Hot Lips (M*A*S*H) …army gear, pig tails and yes! Bright red (streetwalker) lipstick!!…I’ve been to the school, to the church (to speak in front of 50 ladies), to 2 restaurants…and I was mistaken for an “immature teenager”! It’s been a good day!


    1. Thanks, although the “sane” part is questionable πŸ˜‰
      GREAT costume idea. Getting mistaken for a teenager mustve been amazing. It makes my day whenever I’m ID’d at the liquor store haha


  3. Happy birthday! I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween (read: I’m way too lazy to dress up in a costume), but big props to you for running in a tutu. IN THE RAIN, TOO! You win the day!


    1. Thank you!! It definitely is a lot of effort, and $$. It seems like no matter how cheap you try to go you end up buying $50 leggings and youre back at square one haha


    1. YES! Maybe I’ll even let you wear it for your bday next year. And I will observe all of the aforementioned holidays with you on the condition that we celebrate them with copious glasses of pinot. Deal?


  4. I heart that you wore your tutu for a run! I think you should make it a thing. If I had a tutu, I would totally want to wear it when I run because running is hard so why not make it fun?! Mad Props.


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