Bomb So Hard

So remember when I told you guys how great it feels when people laugh at your jokes?

Well you know what really doesn’t feel great? When no one does.

My worst fears were realized last night when I read my newest story aloud in my writing class and heard crickets. Then I killed those noisy crickets. And then I heard nothing.

Guys, I’m not exaggerating when I say my story totally bombed. Like, Hiroshima meets Green Lantern meets that NBC show Whitney style bombed.

If my story were a Young Money track, it would be called “Bomb so Hard“.

feat. Lil Wayne

If you don’t believe me, go and check out  YouTube, where a video of me reading my story is currently trending as the #1 worst fail of all time.

…Just kidding. That’s these people:

Aah. The Wedding one kills me.

Anyway, naturally, I went home after class and drowned my sorrows in an entire jar of olives. (Don’t  question the many forms that emotional eating may take.) And then Hocus Pocus was on TV, so it was sort of ok.

But it still sucked.

It really blows when you work so hard on something  only to have it not work out. But I guess as the late 90’s Irish girl group B*witched once said, C’est La Vie!

My Youtube recommended videos are gonna be all sorts of random after this post.

Anyway, I was planning to share Bomb so Hard with you guys today, but given that it, well, bombed so hard, I decided to take some time to lick my wounds and reassess.

In the meantime , I’ll just go back to spending 90% of my time and mental energy putting the finishing touches on my Halloween costume.

Any guesses as to what it might be?

*HINT: There is a second clue embedded somewhere in this post. Can you find it??

Side note: I love seeing people in their Halloween costumes and pretending that’s who they actually are in real life.

Last night, for example, I saw Gilligan and Nacho Libre holding a pizza and trying to hail a cab together.  That’s just crazy.

I mean, first of all, logistically speaking, Nacho libre and Gilligan could never hang out. Unless maybe Marty McFly picked them both up in his DeLorean and brought them to a neutral, dyland location or something. Also, I find it hard to believe that a bad-ass Mexican Luchador like Nacho would ever be friends with a Milquetoast like Gilligan. I mean, dude throws an anchor overboard with no rope attached. Need I say more? Plus, everyone knows Mexican luchadors have a taste for high-quality ingredients and would never eat that Dominoe’s filth. They prefer crepes, caviar and the tears of small children.

Silly Gilligan.

Question of the Day: What are you being for Halloween?

… and for the brave: Have you had any epic fails lately?


21 thoughts on “Bomb So Hard

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  1. I’ve been lucky to not have any epic fails lately. And don’t take their poor reception to heart! You can’t always expect everyone to appreciate your writing, though I know that’s an added plus.


    1. Thanks! And I know but I’m pretty much made of tissue paper and don’t handle rejection very well. Those fail videos seriously help tho. I suggest watching them whenever you are feeling Down about anything


  2. Unlike Katie, I have plenty of epic fails to choose from and I include my mojito sipping incident from last Saturday among them (I won’t upset your readership by recounting that tale). Needless to say, I don’t have a ton of faith in your writing class’ ability to decipher what is and is not humourous, that’s why that have to take that class in the first place. Also, your experience is probably why so many American shows have laugh tracks (she pauses to think of how many unfunny shows are billed as comedies and include a laugh track). My point: Hang in there Breezy-boodles, you’ll come out on top in the end.


    1. I love you, Kitty. You can drink my mohito any time. (ps autocorrect changed “mohito” to “monitor” like 3 times. I considered leaving it, but didn’t want you to get the wrong impression)


    1. This was a great post! And I think you’re right.. there’s a lot to be learned here. Like don’t write self-indulgent blibber blabber that is all about you and your feelings. It doesn’t work out well.. trust me 😉


  3. “….last night when I read my newest story aloud in my writing class and heard crickets. Then I killed those noisy crickets. And then I heard nothing.“ Best line ever. Maybe you can read this post to your class? Was this the post about writing in a different niche?
    Your classmates seem to have no sense of humor.

    I’m going as The Duchess of course.As for epic fails, my costume will be one if I don’t get a wig for it soon.


    1. Yes but I sort of cheated and just wrote about what I always write about. MeMeMeMeMe. Which I guess, by default, means my classmates also don’t like Me. Sigh.
      I can’t wait to see you ass the Duchess.. and I’m so happy you found the perfect (fake halloween) ring!


  4. I feel your pain. My job involves standing up and being funny for people everyday. I do the same speech at least 10 times a week. 95% of the time people laugh at my jokes, but when they don’t, eurgh, I want the ground to swallow me up. I think you are fricking hilarious.Anyway it is a WRITING class not a stand up class. It is different sorts of funny.


    1. I never thought of it that way! I actually did think afterwards, this would probably be funnier on paper than read aloud.
      You are brave, lady! I don’t think I could do that


  5. Your story was probably awesome and people just didn’t get it. I hate when people don’t get me. C’est la Vie is a classic. I always loved that music video. The production value is outstanding.
    I’m going as a bank robber for halloween. I figure I’ll just wear all black and I’m set right? Zero effort from me this year.


    1. Yess I love that someone appreciated my B*witched reference!! There are really too many great things about the video to count. The jean on jean outfits? The irish dancing? The hair and makeup? Too much.
      Have fun on Halloween!


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