Thanksgiving 2012: The Highlights

I know, I promised you all updates on my enthralling visit home and never delivered…but hey, better late than pregnant as I always say! (I actually never say this. I read it for the first time yesterday on becomingcliches blog and liked it so much I decided to steal it. Oh well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? At least that’s what I tell my friends when I copy their outfits).

I kept trying to blog when I was home, but then I’d get all distracted by other really important things… like watching 8 episodes in a row of Ex-Wives of Rock (not joking. I actually did this… with my sister.. on Saturday night. We shared a king-sized Twix bar. )

Eating an entire pumpkin pie also took 5 minutes a lot of time.

And trying to figure out all the rules to every dance genre on Dancing With the Stars. Did you guys know that the only dance that involves a lift is the Argentinian Tango? I bet you didn’t. There’s your value added from reading my blog right there.

Oh, and also not exercising. I successfully used my lingering cold as a diversion tactic by reaching for a kleenex every time my mother asked me to go to the track and proceeding to blow my nose loudly and dramatically until she gave up and left.

I did, however, feel well enough to pose for glamorous instagram shots with her:

Love you mom!

That’s a lie, I actually did make it to the track one day… although I didn’t really “exercise” so much as take pictures and goof around with my niece, Lola. We did cartwheels and listened to One Direction while she taught me cool dance moves she learned in her HipHop Class.

For those of you considering trying this at home, make sure you wear a high quality sports bra, because there is way more jumping up and down and flailing your arms than I anticipated.

My sister (pictured right, actually exercising) also convinced me to take this crank groundbreaking new formula called “Alli-Max” to help combat my cold. I shelled out $30 for these pills at some weird health store that are pretty much straight up garlic. You are supposed to take, like 100 of them a day (ok, 10) and let me tell you.. it’s not pleasant for anyone involved. After three days of stomaching them down, my breath could’ve killed a small child. No change on the cold though.

The one other time I left the house was to accompany my sister, brother, sister-in-law and my two nieces to a gigantic corn maze in a neighbouring town.

Whoever came up with this idea is a certified genius, because that, my friends, is a gold mine. The place was just crawling with kids. (Literally. Many of them were crawling.)

This place had everything- from a game of Clue within the maze where the suspects were all barnyard animals (Spoiler alert: it was the Chicken. With the Rake), to hay rides, to a pumpkin u-pick. A pumpkin u pick!!

Plus it was just nice to spend time with the fam and be outside during that glorious time of year where everything looks like it’s naturally washed with an instagram filter.

…. but that didn’t stop me from instagramming it anyway!!

Lola, my sister-in-law Jill and baby niece Maeve.. the hand-holding kills me.

Me, being the picture of maternal instinct
Demonstrating the power of positive thinking
Lola, fearing we might not make it out of the maze alive.
Love on a hayride. Brought to you by diet pepsi.
I ate these
Family love. Maeve still hates me. We’ll work on that.

Somehow I didn’t manage to take any pictures of Thanksgiving dinner itself?? Guess I was too busy eating. A lot. Anyway, here’s a pic I found of some random happy family eating Thanksgiving dinner instead:

I’d like to join them. Mostly because they have at least two different wine selections.

Oh, and if this post seems a little disjointed to you, that’s cause I wrote most of it on the plane while sitting in the row directly behind the first-class passengers. I kept losing my train of thought while trying to peek between the curtains. I was also distracted by the smell of their complimentary in-flight meal. It smelled like my own failure mixed with a slight hint of Asiago.

Question of the Day: How was your Thanksgiving?

…. or, if you didn’t celebrate it – have you ever been to a corn maze? This one was apparently used to film the movie Signs. I think that makes me officially more legit now.

OH and p.s. for those of you who asked- Our new sidewalk:

Is that fabulous or what?

20 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2012: The Highlights

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  1. Good post- great visit! I miss you already!
    I love all the photos, but especially digging the one of the corn maze landscape. Tres cool.


    1. You don’t do it at all? Well if you ever come to Canada let me know, I’ll eat a full pumpkin pie with you, no occasion required πŸ™‚


  2. First time to your blog and it looks like you had a fun down home Thanksgiving. Prob the only holiday all about family in my opinion. Don’t stress about the garlic breath, at least you have a reason. I know some people that have that natural, I just ate a shit sandwitch breath without your valid excuse;)


    1. Thanks for stopping by!!
      I’ve been off the pills for a few days so heres hoping my breath has returned to normal… I’ve had no complaints anyway πŸ™‚


  3. Well,,I’m finally getting caught up on my fav blogs,,,and you never disappoint. What’s with all the Blue Jay stuff? I spent Thanksgiving shut up in my room doing school stuff,,,can’t wait for xmas to go home to Mom and Dad’s and get the best darn Turkey dinner evah!


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