Thanks’gettin the Hell Outta Here

Season’s Eatings, friends! I am currently blogging to you live from the wonderful piece of Canadian majesty that is the Toronto Pearson International Airport, on my way home to Nova Scotia to spend Thanksgiving with my family.

I know, all of you Americans out there are probably like “say whaaaat Breezy, Isn’t Thanksgiving in November?” But no! Not up here in the Great White North it isn’t! Here we celebrate Thanksgiving in October… I can’t really tell you why, but it’s probably because we read that dang calendar thing wrong again and got confused.

Speaking of confused, before we go any further, I should probably warn you that I am currently battling cold and flu like symptoms, and am writing this post on about 4 hours of sleep and under the heavy influence of Dayquil, ColdFX and a Starbucks Grande Americano. I’ve also eaten like, two entire packages of Halls already today…. and its only 7:30am. The combined effect of all of this is sort of making me feel like I’m on speed. I also can’t feel my right leg.

…..Here’s hoping they let me on the plane!

Anyway, I haven’t been home in a while and i’m really looking forward to it. I hear they installed a new sidewalk on our street.(!!!!) So stay tuned over the next few days for more enthralling posts about me fighting with my brothers and sisters and not moving off the couch except to get another glass of pepsi… Or when my mother guilts me into exercising with her. God damn that woman and her boundless energy!

And for those of you heading home to your respective families this weekend like i am – drink wine have fun and be safe! Ive already put in a good word with Saint Christopher, the Patron Saint of travel for you guys. Can’t help you on the 5-10 lbs you’re going to gain between now and January, though. That’s all on you and your deep, deep love affair with pumpkin pie.

Ok I’m going to stop talking now and instead give you all a little Friday ditty to help get the weekend going. Warning: it has nothing to do with thanksgiving.. Or cold Fx. But it’s catchy as a mofo, so enjoy!

Question of the day: what are you doing for thanksgiving? (or, to my non-Canadian friends, any fun weekend plans?)


17 thoughts on “Thanks’gettin the Hell Outta Here

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  1. All I can say is that although I`m glad you will be able to see your family and I`ll get to read some riveting posts about your newly installed sidewalk, battling a snot-filled weekend and punching out your brothers and sisters, I will miss you terribly this Sunday :`(

    But have fun at home, Aspen! πŸ™‚ Will see you next Sunday hopefully πŸ˜€


  2. “Say what? Its not thanksgiving” I had to say that onbehalf of the States. Have a great time with your family! Mine arrives today too from PA. so we will have to take a moment and give ‘thanks’ this weekend..for Canada. What day is the day again? I hope you are getting to feel better. Nuthin’ better to day in an air port than blog….especially if the plane is late πŸ™‚ ZIACAMS are my modern day miracle for getting rid of colds cuickly.


  3. Happy Thanksgiving back! I’m heading to my parents for the holidays with my boys…tonight. While it’s only a 2.5 hour drive, I suspect your flight will be shorter than my car trip…and hopefully more entertaining!


  4. Um, I can’t wait till Thanksgiving in November, but happy Thanksgiving to you! πŸ™‚ Not too much fun planned for this weekend, but a couple weekends from now is going to be nuts. Nuts, I say. Have so much fun! And feel better. πŸ™‚


      1. LOL! As far as I know, it will consist of meeting one of my real life friend’s girlfriend (who I’ve known over an MMO for about a year, so exciting!), having lunch with some of my cousins, going to a late-night birthday party for my aunt who’s turning 69 (that’s going to be a crazy one) and a family picnic the next day. Interspersed with a possible haircut and seeing old work friends. I am going to be exhausted.


  5. Happy (early) Thanksgiving! Family time rocks, those little buggers can be annoying, but you’ve gotta love em. I’ll be getting my drink on and my nerd on at the Renaissance Festival this weekend. No, I don’t dress up. πŸ™‚


  6. Happy Turkey Day Weekend,,,Breezy!
    I’m spending it home,,,studying for mid-terms, and getting caught up on reading blogs.
    I will fill up with Turkey, at Christmas,,spending it at mom & dad’s up in Bancroft,,and the new “man” has already bought one for us to share between boxing day and New Years!!

    Never fear,,I shall partake in some vino (from a box of course), and some wings with a good friend,,for some chick talk tonight πŸ™‚
    I can NOT wait to see the new sidewalk,,,that’s exciting!!


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