Stand Up! And Be a Friend

So I woke up this morning to a text from my sister of this adorable photo of my niece, Lola:

Lola is dressed in all pink today because she is a total diva/pop star/reality tv contestant in training in honour of  “Stand Up Against Bullying Day“, where students across Nova Scotia wear pink to school to support bullying awareness, and to demonstrate their pledge to always Stand Up! And Be a Friend.

When I saw this pic, I thought “Dayumm. I need to start taking posing lessons from this chick“… but also what a great initiative this was. 

I don’t know, maybe this scene from last night’s premiere of “The X-Factor” where Demi Lovato bonds with a fellow-bullied contestant was also getting to me a little bit… but it all made me think about how bullying is some seriously serious sh*t. In my 26 years on this earth, I have been both the victim, and sadly sometimes the perpetrator of bullying and I can tell you it is no fun for anyone involved. Not only can that noise make going to school every day a living nightmare, it also has the potential to leave lasting scars and self-esteem issues.

I wish I could say that kids quit that sh*t after high school, but unfortunately I’ve seen just about as many full-grown adult bullies as I have playground ones. They just choose passive aggressive insults and psychological manipulation rather than swirlies, wedgies and writing nasty sh*t on your locker.

I don’t know about you guys, but to me, none of that sound like a fun time. Mostly cause there is minimal wine involved.

So that’s why I decided to take inspiration from my fabulous niece and throw a little hot pink into my regular corporate garb today:  

Obviously I’m not as mayjah as Lo and can’t pull off the full monochromatic head-to-toe pink look.. but I do have a pink iphone cover and a hot pink purse in the background? Does that help?

Anyway, if you’re still at home eating cookies and watching Ellen on your living room sofa (aka: living the dream), then put on some pink when you leave the house today! And if pink ain’t your thing, then remember this post, my wicked cool niece, and do your part today to Stand Up! And Be a Friend.

And maybe listen to this song. Just cause it’s stuck in my head now:

Question of the Day: Have You Ever Experienced Bullying?

aah I’m getting all personal on you now. What is HAPPENING at the Camel Life today!!


12 thoughts on “Stand Up! And Be a Friend

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  1. Luckily I have never been bullied nor have I ever bullied any one but my husband was bullied in grade school and he tells me heartbreaking stories and it’s so hard to believe that things like that can and are happening. I am glad people are becoming aware of it and action is being taken. I am wearing pink today 🙂 pure coincidence I assure you. Great post!


  2. Omigoodness, I was watching X-Factor last night and was totally in tears at that scene with Demi Lovato & the bullied girl 😦

    Thanks for sending out this message! (You look great too 🙂


  3. I somehow managed to hold back the tears during that Demi Lovato scene and oddly enough have already downloaded ‘Skyscraper’ and added it to my playlist too. Great post and even better message!


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