6 Reasons Why You Probably Shouldn’t Invite Me to Your Wedding

This past weekend I flew home to Halifax, Nova Scotia to attended the wedding of my good friends Alison and Kevin.

The ceremony, which took place at a yacht club overlooking the Halifax Harbour, was truly gorgeous, and I was so happy to have been included in their special day. At the risk of getting all sentimental and spoiling my jaded, sarcastic persona, I have to admit that I really do love weddings. There’s just such a sense of occasion about them: getting dressed up, catching up with old friends, throwing rice around. (I mean come on.. who throws rice around?)

It’s wedding season!

But despite all of my enthusiasm, I actually get invited to relatively few of them. This wedding was the only one in my roster for all of 2012.  This hardly seems proportional, given that I am almost 27, and for all intents and purposes should be right at the apex of my wedding-attending career.

In an effort to identify why I keep getting left off the “A” list, I started thinking back to my previous history as a wedding guest. Yeah, there were probably a few missteps along the way…. like that time I slow danced inappropriately with the groom, assaulted the bride and pushed a pregnant lady. Awwwkard. (just kidding. That was her)

I decided that after all the antics I had pulled in my time, I probably wouldn’t invite me to my own wedding either. And to be honest, neither should you. Here’s why:

1. I’ll probably be late for it.

Although I have no problem making my bi-weekly nail appointment, or rushing home in time to catch the Season Premiere of Bachelor Pad, for some reason it’s the one time, monumental events that I just can’t manage to be on time for. This past wedding was no exception. After getting lost en route to the ceremony and arriving 15 minutes late, I saw from the parking lot that the bridal procession had already started. Since the actual ceremony was still about 400m away, and down a steep grass hill, I decided to do what any self-respecting girl would do: whip off my 4 inch heels and pull a Usain Bolt straight down the hill in my cocktail dress, in direct view of the entire audience.  I think even the bridesmaid walking down the aisle turned to see the crazy woman barreling down the hill at 100 km/hour.

I finally made it to my seat (after almost taking out the photographer, the flower girl and more than a few pew markers along the way) just in time to see my friend walk down the aisle. Can’t say I don’t know how to make an entrance.

2. I’ll make you rue the day you ever decided to have an open bar.

Free booze is a saucy temptress. Despite my best efforts to act like a responsible, 26-year-old woman in the face of unlimited free alcohol, instead I usually end up behaving more like a contestant on “cash grab”, attempting to beat the clock by imbibing as much as possible in the limited time I have. So word to the wise: Unless you want 80 bottles of grey goose and 145 sour puss shots* on your bar tab at the end of the night, maybe consider leaving my name off the invite list.

*actual statistics.

3. I’ll probably dance.

Although I am a woman of many talents (writing, running sub 3 hour marathons, generally winning at life), dancing, unfortunately, is not one of them. I think my dancing skills (or, lack thereof) can best be described as a formula of  one part Elaine Benes:


One part Carlton Banks:


Two parts Ron Swanson:


One part Paull Rudd from the 80’s:

Three parts Napoleon Dynamite:


With a few jersey shore fist pumps thrown in there.

But worse.

Although generally self-aware enough to save the world from having to endure this agony, coupled with the effects of the aforementioned grey goose + sour puss shots, I pretty much lose all control of my actions.. and appendages. And let’s face it- nobody wants to see that.

4. I will likely harass your DJ and/or Photographer

Because I live in a universe known as Self-Absorbtion, I think everything is about me. Unfortunately for you, this goes for your wedding too. If I feel like listening to Urrrrsher or Mr. Worldwide Pitbull  instead of  Kool and the Gang, then so help me god, I’m going to. Even if it means harassing, haranguing and/or bribing your DJ along the way. And as for pictures: there better be a lot of them. Of me. I didn’t spend 3 hours doing my hair and makeup for nothing.

5. I don’t understand portion control.

When you decided to order those delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and donuts as a late night snack at your wedding, you probably anticipated each guest having one of them, right? Au contraire bonjour. At least not if I’m one of your guests.

I’m not gonna get into exactly what went down that night… but lets just say there was one very full belly, and more than a few hungry mouths at the end of it.

6. I’ll probably write about it on my blog

When all else fails, you can count on me to exploit our close, personal relationship for shameless blog fodder.

Because after all, what are friends for??

Question of the Day: Do you like weddings? Do you make a good wedding guest?


15 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why You Probably Shouldn’t Invite Me to Your Wedding

Add yours

  1. I would like to see all those dance moves put together. Perhaps one day we can crash a wedding together. I’ll bring a bottle or two of Grey Goose and then we can both chow down on some food. Who doesn’t like chocolate and cheese when they’re drunk?


  2. I am not a big fan of weddings, purely because I am bitter and hate crying and am single. Unlike you I run from the camera and hardly dance at all.
    I find that most receptions are boring and want to leave before the food is served. If I ever do get married I am eloping and no one is invited.


  3. You left out #7 – Looking as hot as the bride. On the bright side, you did not include “using the disposable cameras on the table to snap inappropriate pics” (Though that wedding looked a tad high-brow for the disposable cameras anyway). For the record, I’m not alone in wishing I could’ve seen you running in that dress.


  4. Pretty sure our wedding is gonna be in Hali. Looks like Point Pleasant Park. Exciteeeeed. We’re totally gonna invite you. I doubt we’re gonna have more than champagne and cupcakes though. Maybe some vino… And sushi? Idk. It’s gonna be our Little Tiny Gay Wedding. Or our Little Tiny Lesbo Wedding. Still thinking about it. You know you wanna come. Just thinking about it… A pic with TWO brides. WINNNNN!


  5. I think your dancing recipe is full of win! I’d get married all over again and invite you *specifically* so I could see that dance, Consider those 145 sour puss shots on me. 🙂


  6. Donuts at a wedding? Why am I not making more friends who are actually desirable to the opposite sex?!?!

    I’ve actually never been to a wedding. I’ve really only been to one or two funerals. Everybody who knows me lives a long time and remain alone.


  7. Hahaha! Damn, I love you. You are hilarious!

    I won’t invite you to my wedding if you don’t invite me to yours because we’ll equally screw up each other’s big day. 🙂


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