Living the Nova Scotia Dream

Haaay guys. Hope you all had a great long weekend, and happy Fourth of July to all my American Friends! Long live the land of the BigMac free and the home of the reality tv famewhores brave!

Anyway, as I mentioned in my last post, I have been at home in Nova Scotia with my family since last week, and in the words of Loverboy,  have been lovin every minute of it.

You’re welcome for all these high quality jokes by the way. I guess that’s what sleeping for 12 hours a day and lying in the sun reading gossip magazines for the rest of them will do to a girl.

Unfortunately, however, being on vacation has also stunted my creativity. Since I left work 6 days ago, pretty much the only thing I’ve put any serious thought into (besides my next meal) is which guy Emily is going to pick on The Bachelorette. And since the majority of you probably don’t want to listen to me debate the merits of the ambiguously Mormon Jef with one F and racecar driver Arie (whose family is Dutch… isn’t that weird?) I thought instead I’d just show you all some pics of my vacation thus far.

I call this series ” Living The Nova Scotia Dream”…. although others might just call it ” A collection of random, low-quality blackberry photos.” whatever works, I guess. Here goes:

Since landing in NS I’ve been…….

spending lots of time at the beach:

Failing at taking selfies:

Torturing Teaching my niece CrossFit workouts:

(she likes it. I swear)

pretending I’m somehow responsible for her successes at life, even though I live 2000km away:

Hanging out with some babies:

Only the cool ones though:

Putting my “Animals and the Law” class to good use by “Adopting” some lobsters:

David Foster Wallace would be impressed:

And showing my Vancouverite friend Lia some East Coast Hospitality:

yep. that’s a Mastadon.
She did 300 Air Squats so I gave her a day pass.

Alright.. that’s enough of that. Time to go lay out in the backyard pop some Dom Perignon and eat cookies avoid the papparazzi now. Don’t be jealous.

Question of the Day: How did you spend your Canada Day/ Fourth of July?

And p.s…. if you must know, I’m:


13 thoughts on “Living the Nova Scotia Dream

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  1. Looks like a nice family vacation! I spent my 4th up north at my cottage, going to the big lake, watching a parade (they throw you candy!!) and of course fireworks and campfires. Yeah…. America.


    1. that sounds amazing!! My niece brought home some candy from our Canada day parade here. I wish it was still socially acceptable to charge for it as an adult


  2. Gosh I am so jealous of your fabulous life!!! But now on a serious notes you need to UPGRADE to the iPhone, you wouldn’t be posting “low quality” photos, I mean the blackberry is nice and all but it doesn’t have the best camera. But back to your lovely post, I wish I had cool baby friends to hang out with and lobster to adopt, again I am totally jealous of your life right now!


    1. I promise it is only fabulous about two weeks out of the year!! Thaha.. the rest of the time I am slaving away for the man workin hard for the money.. workin for the weekend.. and all the stuff every other 80 songs says. haha
      I know I should totally switch to the iphone but I have to have a blackberry for work 😦 I wanna be a cool instagram hipster tho!!


      1. You are preaching to the choir. I definitely feel like a slave most of the times but hey anything for the money 😀 and instagram is definitely hipsters ultimate app (maybe :/?) I use to have a blackberry but I had to switch to the iPhone I am sorry that the corporate machine has you tied up to the blackberry, maybe some day you’ll join us cool people 🙂


  3. Sorry, I can’t get past the Bachelorette references! I think she’s going to pick Sean, but I’m secretly on Team Jef as well. (Who would have thought? I think they make an awkward couple, but I’m rooting for him anyway. 10 bucks says he gets sent home next week!)

    Your trip home looks awesome. One of these days, I’ll make it out to the East Coast. I’ve only ever been as far as Montreal, but I’ve always wanted to check out the Maritime provinces…


    1. Ok so I kind of like Sean too but I think he might be too perfect. Like boring perfect. Or sociopath serial killer perfect. I just have this feeling.
      I agree they make an awkward couple but I feel like Jef makes her feel young… he has a young, cool lifestyle that she probably feels she missed out on having RIcki so young. Arie is just a wildcard. His hometown was so weird! Ok that’s enough of that haha
      You definitely have to make it out to the maritimes sometime! It’s a great place for a relaxing summer vacation 🙂


  4. Nova Scotiaaaaaaa! Sooo jealous! I’m stuck in stupid Nassau. Not nearly is cool as NASA, lemme tell ya.
    I spent Canada Day crying, wishing I was in Canada. Yeah. My life is rocks.


  5. Since I had to teach my child the word “abs” (she kept pointing to her obliques and telling me that “these things really hurt!”), I’m glad you gave her a day pass and adopted some lobsters!
    She has yet to mention her ass muscles though, which is what has been plaguing me since the crossfit session.
    So happy you’re home! Our abs and asses thank you!


    1. bahahaha “these things really hurt”.. that’s too cute! Maybe I’ll have to go easier on her for the rest of my vacation. You two were star pupils though!


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