Just Me, Myself and My Drinking Habit

So I realize that this is now the third post in a row about my Victoria Day weekend and your interest is probably dwindling faster than the price of a Facebook share.. but unfortunately for you guys (and mostly me) I’ve got more to say. So pull up a chair,  pull out that flask you’ve got stashed in your second drawer (I won’t tell) and get comfortable, folks.

So when we last left off, (just don’t even bother counting how many times I use the words “so” and “anyway” in this post, cause it’s gonna be a lot) I had come to the devastating conclusion that hipsters have taken over the world… then came to terms with it.. then ended-up endorsing a 27-year-old, fixie-bike-riding, endangered species- saving dude named Jef with one “f” for mayor of Toronto in 2014.

Yeah, I don’t know what’s wrong with me either. I saw a homeless woman with no pants on sitting in a Sears bag on my way to work this morning. Maybe that’s it.

Anyway, after that, I drank some beer.

When in doubt, you should probably just fill any time gaps in my stories with “drinking”. (earmuffs, Mom).

Then Sunday I met up with this girl for brunch and perused the Saint Lawrence Antiques Market. With her enabling encouragement, I purchased some lovely salt and pepper shakers in the form of Dutch Genies for my knick-knack shelf at home.

it’s not weird. It’s kitsch.

Hipsters in their natural habitat.

After that, I spent a bit more time hipster watching in Bellwoods before heading for $3 tacos at Grand Electric (AKA Hipster Mecca), where my friend Dominique and I totally girl-crushed on our server. She was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and quite frankly, it distracted me from my food.

By the time Monday rolled around, most of my partners in crime had retreated to various work and life responsibilities…and so I was left on my own.

Now here’s the thing- I’m not really one for doing things alone. Since my family is big enough to perform its own Flash Mob, I always had someone to do everything with growing up. And now that I’m away from them and live alone… well, I mostly just force my friends to hang out with me. Or have prolonged conversations with strangers.

But I’ve been thinking that I need to start pushing myself to do more things alone, and had been wanting to go check out this Artisan Fair in Toronto’s Distillery District, so I thought why not go? Just me, myself and I.

It ended up being really fun- I talked to some vendors about their burdenga root jams and patchwork kettle cozies for a while, and enjoyed the beautiful day.

Think this would look good on me?
A pic of me I forced a stranger to take, looking really beautiful and glamorous in my workout clothes and not even caring who knows it.

Fueled by this positive experience, I decided to try something else I always wanted to do but never had the courage- go and see a movie alone.  I settled on “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, because hey, why not pick something no one in their right mind would ever go  and see with me.

Normally going to the movies with friends tends to stress me out because I’m OCD about time, and if I’m not seated with popcorn BEFORE the previews start I freak the eff out… so this actually worked great. I arrived an (unnecessary) 30 minutes early, and had lots of time to kick ass at the celeb trivia and size up the other people around me.  I noted that of the 20 or so people in the theatre, at least half of them were there alone. I instantly felt like a giant baby. Why was this so hard for me, when so many other people could do it easily?

I chalk it up partially to the urban setting. In Toronto, it’s easy to be anonymous and to do things alone… because no matter how weird you look, there’s always that homeless guy playing the didgeridoo and handing out scientology pamphlets at Yonge and Dundas Square to steal the spotlight. In the small town I grew up in- it’s a different story. It’s not as common, or as easy to do things alone, and wherever you go you see about 100 people you know. If  I were to go to a movie at alone there, guaranteed old Margaret MacDonald from down the street would be calling up my mom asking “if everything was ok” with me… and then proceeding to tell all the old girls at bridge how I was “a bit of a strange one“.

Anyway, watching the movie alone was great. Things did get sort of weird when I bawled like a baby two- count ’em- TWO TIMES. Yep. A movie starring Chace Crawford, JLO and that teacher from Glee brought me to tears not once, but twice. And if that’s not the saddest thing you’ve heard in a while.. well, keep talking to me. I’m sure I’ve got something else for ya.

Question of the Day: Have you ever gone to see a movie alone?


25 thoughts on “Just Me, Myself and My Drinking Habit

Add yours

  1. Hello,,,fellow Canuck!! God,,,I miss living in Toronto,,,note to self,,hop the GO Train more often this summer and check out more of T.O. Anyways,, wanted to say awesome post,,I totally want to see that movie, and will probably go alone, because my kids are too “cool” for that stuff and my friends are to busy with there love lives.
    Oh,,,,and I am a Wino,,,lol,,who loves,,our wonderful summer Canadian Long Wknds!
    Keep up the cool posts 🙂


  2. I absolutely freak out if I’m going to be late to a film too…I hate to rush in to the cinema then sit there, silently worrying that I’m sweaty from running in order to be punctual and everyone in there knows it. They can smell it. And they sense the irony in that it wasn’t even worth me running cos I was late ANYWAY. Argh!!!


    1. hahaha I hate that too- it’s the worst when you are rushing somewhere and all sweaty and run into someone you know. This happens to me in the elevator on the way to work almost every morning. major fail.


  3. I have been to the cinema quite a few times on my own and, to be honest, I prefer it. It means I can book the ticket, rock on up to the place at my leisure and get comfortable.

    I used to go to a gym where there was a cinema about 30 seconds away which was nifty.

    Really I have never understood why people balk at going to the cinema on their own;

    Would you watch a DVD on your own? Would you go shopping on your own?

    Then what’s the difference between those two and going to the cinema on your own…?


    1. I totally see your point.. I do love going shopping on my own… but I never really feel “alone”, because all of the pretty clothes and shoes keep me company. I should just stop talking.


  4. I am also from a small town, but in SK.. so like 750 ppl. We had a movie theatre for a while when I was growing up. But even with living in cities, I still haven’t gotten the courage to see a movie alone. I am very much like you in that my family is big, and that I don’t do things alone often.
    I do have a cousin moving to TO soon! Please give me some recommendations of what to do while there because I have EVERY intention of visiting!!
    Ps.. Great post 🙂 I love May Long!!


    1. awesome! Let me know when you are planning to come to TO and I’ll give you some tips! Even though I’m sort of a newbie myself 😉

      750 ppl?? That’s crazy, mine had 5,000. haha. How many kids were in your high school?


      1. Haha we’re going to throw the term “highschool” around loosely. We had one school, Kindergarten – Grade 12. There was the elementary wing, and the highschool wing. We had roughly 300 people in my school. We also got surrounding towns bussed in when they hit gr 7 and gr 9. I started with 18 kids in my class and graduated with 38, and I actually thought that was big!


  5. Whether you asked it or not I was going to response about going to the movies alone.

    I’ve gone 4 times alone. Once because I had a gift certificate and a day off, once because I was at work on the clock and wanted to see if I could get away with it (I did), once because I was really bored on a Sunday and heard Slumdog Millionaire was good, and the other because I was hoping a girl would go with me and if I had already made plans I thought the universe would help her respond to my text message. She never did. Slumdog I was the only one in the entire theater. It’s been close to 4 years since I’ve done it. Cities I think it’s less creepy like you said, you’re more anonymous.


  6. Pardon me while I date myself as an old fossil. I had read “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” in my sophomore year in high school, and the next year when the movie came out, I went to see it opening night, by myself. I think I enjoyed it more than i would have if I had gone with a date, especially at that awkward point in my life.

    I haven’t been to a movie alone in the 30 plus years since. Maybe it’s time to go again.


      1. I never understood the stigma of going to see a movie by your self. I always felt comfy, not having to share my popcorn or arm rest. Also, my fiance loves to talk during movies, and he doesn’t like many of the indie or thought provoking films that I do. So we usually only spend the time and money on “blockbusters” which I love, but I also want some time to be lost in a movie. I would have never been able to make it through “Black Swan” with him. It would have ended our relationship.


  7. I`ve been to tons of movies by myself. No bigs. But at the risk of you friend-zoning me, I`m just putting it out there… CALL ME if you want to watch a movie normal people don`t care much for, or do something useless and idiotic like drinking alone in your apartment, taking a walk in a random garden or shopping for things you will never need in life.


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