How to Snag the Boy Next Door in 10 Minutes or Less

Ahh the boy next door. Wholesome, unassuming, and of “average” masculinity, he has stolen many a heart with his  sweet, shy demeanor, and extensive collections of vintage comic books, graphic tees, and subtitled films.

Perhaps hardened by his status as the perpetual underdog, the boy next door is also known for being somewhat elusive, and difficult to pin down.. or at least that’s what Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen Videos tell me, anyway.

So that’s why, when my girl Karen from The Chronicles of a Skinny Jeans Wearing Toronto Girl recently discovered the boy she had been stalking seeing around and pining over for the past two years was actually her NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR… she enlisted my help to come up with some ideas for getting his attention and making him hers.

Probably cause she knows I’m really good at writing blog post titles that could double as Seventeen magazine headlines.  Anyway, if you want to hear my really serious and not-at-all sarcastic tips- Click this link to check out my guest post on her blog! Enjoy 🙂

Question of the Day: Have you ever fallen for the Boy (or Girl) Next Door?


9 thoughts on “How to Snag the Boy Next Door in 10 Minutes or Less

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  1. I commented on Karen’s post. Basically I pointed out that you have the same tendencies as I’d suspect from a male serial killer. But you’re a girl so it’s fine. It’d be an honor for any man to be creeped on by you.


  2. I thought your guest post on Karen’s blog was hilarious. You have given women new ammo to be stalkers of the future. You have a new follower in me. Look forward to reading your outrageous blogs in the future.


  3. Honestly, I’ve never lived next to any boys anywhere near my age. Unless we count locker neighbours, because I had a major crush on one of my middle school locker neighbours for years… (Loved your guest post, by the way!)


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