The Anatomy of A Treadmill Run

Good morning and happy Monday- hope you all had a fantastic Easter, a joyous Passover, or just got really drunk and ate mini eggs like i did. (Just kidding mom! never do that!)

I’ll be back soon with a recap of all the wild and crazy shenanigans my sister and I got up to  this weekend (hint: it involves a lot of sitting on the couch watching Food Network), but for now, feel free to head on over to Andy of OurLifein3D’s blog and  check out the Guest Post I wrote about running on the treadmill..

If you need convincing, know that I showcase more of this 6:30 am beauty:

And also just generally act like a weirdo and make everyone else in the gym think I am insane. (What? Don’t pretend you’ve never tried to take a picture of a cute bear on tv while running before….).

Enjoy! and stick around and read some more of Andy’s posts while you’re there- he rules.

Question of the Day: Do you run on the treadmill?

tell me you share my pain!


12 thoughts on “The Anatomy of A Treadmill Run

Add yours

  1. I do run on the treadmill! I have a love/hate relationship with it. Sometimes I can be cruising along, sweating and feeling exuberant while other times I am constantly checking my time or mileage counting down to when I can back off some speed. Right now I’m training for a 10k though, so the treadmill and I will be nice and cozy together for a while.


  2. Haha love your guest post Bre! Glad to hear I am not the only one who takes 3 snoozes to finally drag my butt out of bed and into some kind of activity. 34 mins for 4 miles, you are in good shape girl!! Keep the great posts coming 🙂


  3. Thanks Breezy! so you know, this plus the frenzy of guest bloggers gave me an all time high in clicks on my stats, blowing my previous high away by over 30 clicks! You have quite a posse!


  4. I’ve done a good number of treadmill runs recently – it helped me get back on track after pregnancy. I’ve had some dreary runs though and even wrote about it recently. I enjoyed your guest post as well – it made me smile!


  5. I hate treadmills! I used to run competitively and never got into the groove with treadmills, you never get anywhere, it’s kind of depressing. I have running shoes to do it outside, I kept saying it’s too warm, once the spring comes, but spring has come and here I sit….


    1. it’s true- you never get anywhere… except for depressed and in pain! haha.
      You might feel like it once it gets even warmer out- but until then, just keep sitting. I support you!


  6. exercise, exercise and do it some more…we don’t intend to live longer, just healthier hahaha. I will talk about food in my blog..that’s what we are made of…food, food food..and we love it hahahaha


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