Move over Duggar family, I’ve got another sibling in town….

Happy Easter peeps! (<— see what I did there?) I hope you all have fantastic long weekends with your friends and family. I know I will- wanna know why?

Cause my older sister, Sherene, is in town to visit me for the weekend!

I know, I know. You all are probably getting sick of hearing about the never-ending ensemble cast that is my family (see Exhibits A, B, C, D, and ) But I’ve had to put up with that sh*t for 26 years…. you guys can handle a few blog posts.

We should probably just have our own reality show by now.

Jokes, jokes. I’m lucky to have been blessed with an amazing family, and my two older sisters are pretty much my BFFs in life  (yes, I realize it is probably sad to admit this).

Sherene and I have shared a lot of great memories over the years, and she’s a pretty cool cat to have around. Besides just taking amazing self-pics (see above), she’s good for a lot of other stuff too:

She’s my travel buddy:

my partner in crime:

my entourage:

my fellow teetotaling wino:

And a great mom to my amazing, and funny as hell niece Lola:

I know this is now the third time I have posted this photo on my blog.. but I can't help it. it's just that awesome.
my mom gets to be in this pic too.. because she rules.

We’re going to have a bomb weekend that’s gonna involve a lot of this:

Yah that clock says 9:18.. AM bitches. Thats how we roll

Some of this:

Eggies will do. But mini eggs are better

and a little of this:

only it'll be 2012. Not 1997.

Have a great weekend everyone- I’ll pray to the saint of delicious chocolate and drunken family dinners for all of you! And make sure you check in for updates on all of our adventures 🙂

Question of the Day: Are you doing anything special for Easter?


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