My Crazy Obsession

Don’t worry guys- this post isn’t about me. Otherwise the word “obsession” would for sure have been pluralized.

It’s actually about the tv show of the same name that premiered on TLC this week.  Like such other quality TLC programming as My Strange Addiction , Hoarding: Buried Alive, Extreme Couponing, and John and Kate Plus 8 before it, My Crazy Obsession aims to secure ratings and provide an exceptional experience for the viewer by exploiting those with seriously effed up psychological problems.

I question the continued use of the word "learning" in this acronym.

According to the TLC website:

My Crazy Obsession pulls back the curtains to reveal some of the nation’s most extreme and unique obsessions. The series takes viewers behind-the-scenes of homes that are dedicated entirely to the owners’ infatuation with various objects, people, or lifestyles.

These individuals go to great lengths to preserve the quality and authenticity of their jaw-dropping possessions and daily routines — and, for the first time, they’re allowing cameras to document their secret world of unbelievable, one-of-a-kind treasures and sometimes bizarre, never-before-seen habits and rituals.

Why would I be watching this, you might ask? (Or not, because it’s entirely predictable I would be watching this). Well, I’ve been battling flu-like symptoms for the past few days, and have had no energy to do anything but lie semi-comatose on the couch and send my friends 87,000 text messages about sh*t they don’t care about. So when this show came on tv, I had to make a decision: use my last scrap of energy to change the channel, or lift that last Lindor chocolate into my mouth. Guess what won out. It was either blog about this,  or Cat Crazed, the documentary about the feline over-population crisis that I also watched. You tell me whether I made the right choice.

Anyway- the first episode centred around a couple in their 50’s who are obsessed with Cabbage Patch Kid Dolls. Yes, you read that correctly. And from here on out, I won’t be using the “d” word anymore, because obviously, they are real children.

"Yo, what up boo... it's Kevin.. yah, just here with my dad."

This couple has over 5,0000 “kids” and has even built a 6,000 sq. ft. house just to hold them all (which is 6x the size of their own double-wide, I might add). They even treat their very first doll “Kevin”, like their actual child. EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE THEIR OWN GROWN CHILDREN!!! Kevin gets to go on all family trips and has playdates with other “kids”… Bitch even gets an ALLOWANCE. (Please leave your guesses in the comment section as to what he spends this on). Just watch the video below- your eyes will have the sads for the first 30 seconds, but it’ll be worth it, I promise:

I hate myself a little for watching this- but I just can’t stop.  Akin to watching a train-wreck, I just can’t turn my eyes away.

Obviously there’s something to it though- TLC has hit the ratings gold-mine by producing a series of shows that exploit dysfunctional famewhores with a CQ (crazy-quotient) of 175 or higher. For some unknown reason we get off on seeing people obsessed with eating drywall, planning their Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, or keeping every newspaper that ever was issued in their lifetime. 

I can’t really put my finger on exactly what the allure is- it could be curiosity, voyeurism, or simply a desire to feel better about our own lives by comparison. Whatever it is- it’s definitely twisted. But I for sure know I’m going to tune in next week to see the dude who collects mannequins (he prefers them to real people!) and the woman with a 2,000 deep wig collection. Cause let’s face it- that’s just quality tv right there.

Question of the Day: Do you watch any of these shows? What do you think the allure is?


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