Bonhomme, Roadtrippin’, and 11 Things

So what do you do when it’s the middle of winter and you’re stuck in a freezing cold Canadian city? Why you seek respite in an EVEN COLDER Canadian city, obviously!  That’s why this weekend, my best bud Lia and I are setting off on an epic road trip adventure to the beautiful, frigid, and super French city of Montreal, Quebec. By the time you read this, I will be well on my way to 3 straight days of poutine, shopping, and sexy French-Canadian accents. (and if we’re lucky, maybe even Bonhomme. )

C'est L'fun!

In the words of Cleveland- it’s gonna be tight y’all.

Anyway, while I’m gone, I thought I’d leave you with 11 things to mull over.  Mooselicker recently tagged me in this little game going on in the blogosphere- here are the rules:

1. You must post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!

So here goes:

1. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? What did you think you would become? When I was really little I wanted to be a fashion designer. I used to sit in my room for hours and draw my “collections”.. I think my mom still has some of them. . but fortunately is saving the rest of the world from having to see that hot mess. By the time I got to junior high, though I settled on the more soul destroying practical option of being a lawyer. I talk a little about it here .

2. Who is your biggest celebrity crush? Ryan Reynolds.

Can I get a hot dammmmmnnn??

Honorable mention goes to Ryan Gosling: both amazingly hot, and both Canadian. In an ideal world, they would have a Ryan-off for my love. Categories of competition would include: shirtless push ups; shirtless sweet-nothing whispering; shirtless dirty dancing re-enactments; general shirtlessness,  etc.

I could spend all day looking at Ryan Gosling memes. Literally.

3. Angels, Bigfoots, or Aliens; which one do you think is most likely to exist? I’m gonna have to go with Angels on this one, just cause I’m a good little Catholic girl. But have you seen this commercial? I don’t know why I love it so much but I do… and it makes me wish that  Sasquatches were real… just cause I think they’d be really cool to hang out with:

4. What is something that everybody seems to enjoy that you hate? Please don’t hate me, but Pinterest. To be honest, I’ve actually never even tried it… it might be the bee’s knees for all I know.. the cat’s pajamas. But I kinda hate the hype surrounding it.. and it also seems complicated and beyond my capabilities. Like Twitter. and Tumblr.. and showering every day.  How do you even hang things on your “pin” board, anyway?  Does it require the use of a level? #toocomplicated.

how is this not overwhelming??

5. If you opened your front door and I was there, what would you say? What would you really be thinking?  Kinda creepy that you got past my doorman, but that’s cool- I like your stealthy style, Mooselicker. Now that you’re here, let’s drink until we can’t feel feelings.

6. What is your favorite movie and why? Zoolander- because it taught me that there’s more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And  also the dangers of freak-gasoline fight accidents.

Orange mocha frappucinos!

7. There has to be something that you believe you’re the best at, what is it? Memorizing useless information… like the worlds to the entire repertoire of Canadian Heritage commercials.  I don’t really know why. There’s gotta be better party tricks than that.

8. Who is the ugliest person you know and why are they so ugly? Chris Brown- and I don’t really need to explain why.

9. Is love unconditional? I think in some circumstances… like a Parent’s love for their Child.. at least I hope it is, anyway, given how much I continuously exploit and embarass my mother on this blog. I’m not sure about romantic love, though.. although it’s a nice notion, I can’t help but think we’re too selfish for that….

10. Lots of people have addictions. What is yours? Oh god. I think I’ve written a whole blog full of material on this one. Reality TV? Wine? Attention?(Ding ding!!).

11. What is the nicest compliment you have ever received? What is something that you would like to be complimented more about you? Probably when people tell me I’m funny, or that my writing makes them laugh. But then again, I pay those people to say that…. so I don’t know if that really counts. I’d like to be complimented more for being a nice person…. but in order for that to happen I’d actually have to be a nice person…. hm. conundrum.

That was fun. In return, I am now tagging:

my homegirl Karen at The Skinny Jeans and Starbucks Chronicles cause she’s the bomb diggity

@Grumpycomments … because he looks a little like Alex Turner, and that’s reason enough for me.

Sparklebumps, cause she’s a badass book whore

Michael Cargill.. because I want to see him turn this into a hilarious fake news story

Brunch for Every Meal .. cause she’s a hot read head (seriously, go look)

Kvetch Mom… cause homegirl’s got serious Chutzpah (in a good way)

Our Life in 3D.. cause he inspires my lazy ass to get on the DREADMILL every day

Twin Daddy… cause I wanna know what’s behind that Storm Trooper avatar

The Hook.. cause “tagging” is sort of like hooking

Young American Wisdom cause her kids are awesome and want bikes with “cheese” written on them for Christmas;

and Sarah Smiles Awhile cause I think we should be friends.

And now you suckaaaas must answer the following questions:

  1. Are you left or right-handed? Do you play into either stereotype?
  2. Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?
  3. Who would win in a fight between a grilled cheese sandwich and a taco?
  4. Who is your favourite Kardashian sister and why? (AND DON”T SAY NO ONE)
  5. Do you write anything else outside of your blog?
  6. are you a vegetarian? have you tried meat substitutes? (JOKES, don’t worry, I’ll just ask one of the 300+ other people who already told me)
  7. Who is your biggest role model/inspiration in life?
  8. What is your favourite junk food?
  9. Who is your favourite band/singer? and have you seen them in concert?
  10. Do you have any brothers or sisters? (If not- want mine?)
  11. What is your favourite (non-sexual) thing about the opposite sex?

Question of the Day: Choose one or more from the above

(and you know I hope you pick #4… or #3. I’m actually interested in this)

And P.S., sorry if this post is a little lacking in the whole “sense” department- it’s hella early up in here, and girlfriend hasn’t even had her sweet nectar of life morning coffee yet. You understand.


12 thoughts on “Bonhomme, Roadtrippin’, and 11 Things

Add yours

  1. Thank you Breezy! I have been tagged so much recently that I am feeling a bit bruised…

    Some of your answers are great. The thought of a Ryan-off sounded disturbing to be honest. Actually, whenever someone says Ryan Reynolds I always think of Ryan O’Reilly from the HBO series called Oz. I don’t know why as they aren’t anything like each other.

    Your writing really does make me laugh by the way.


  2. Nice answers. I think a taco would win. It has all of Central America to back it up. Grilled cheese fans need to come from all over the place. Maybe they’d actually end up forming some kind of an alliance. A grilled cheese taco? That sounds tasty and diarrhea causing. The only Kardashian I know besides Kim is the fat one. So I guess Kim is my favorite. Our names also rhyme.


  3. I hear you Dreadmill! (funny) Its been a Dreadmill for me lately too. 😦 So, I think your funny, andyour writing makes them laugh. Its true ~you don’t have to pay me. You have a fun way with words and I even gave you similar prompts at Cafe23. yes, Ryan Reynold even gets me a little giddy sometimes. He’s come along way from 2 girls and a Pizza. I have no clue what Pintrest is either. Love your other answers too. Just like you, they seem fun! Have a great weekend! …i’ll be sure to get you plenty of attention moving forward!


    1. Thank you for the kind words!! And I know- i saw an episode of 2 guys a girl and a pizza shop the other day and thought to myself that he looked about 15 yrs old! Similarly, Ryan Gosling has come a long way since being on that show Breaker High… good to know we all have our awkward years haha


  4. My dear Breezy, thank you for your advertising me once again! 😀 In response to your burning question #3, in a duel between the grilled cheese and the taco, the grilled cheese would have to win. Simply because happiness always wins over diarrhea.

    #4: Courtney is my favorite Kardashian. Favorite might be a strong word here but I like her the best of the three.

    Also, I have one small request to make of you. Will you please keep your fine hot self away from Ryan Gosling just for now? He’s part of my Plan J for Canadian Immigration.


      1. duh there is a VITAL difference Karen.. you know that 80% of their marketing depends on having all names that start with K, right ? 😉 and yes – I will sacrifice Ryan Gosling for you… only cause I need you to stick around in Canada and drink pinot with me 😉


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