January TV: Honourable Mentions and The Ones to Avoid

So, I know the other day I graced all your inboxes and bookmark reels (I flatter myself) with a list of the top 8 shows I’m looking forward to this January– but there are just so many great shows coming up, I couldn’t help but add a few more. (Caption Obvious says: So then why didn’t you just make it a top 10 list in the first place, BreezyK? Answer: because intuitiveness is not my strong suit. Plus, I didn’t want to make Letterman look bad.)

Anyway, here are a few shows coming up this season that I think deserve an honorable mention, some that may have potential (touch and go) , and a few others I would recommend avoiding like the plauge.. or Lindsay Lohan in a hot tub. Eww communicable diseases.

Honourable Mentions:

Luck (HBO, January 29)

This new HBO drama centers around the world of horse racing, and stars some serious heavy hitters like Dustin Hoffman, Dennis Farina and Nick Nolte. It looks like it could have some serious potential… plus I’m just happy for the ol’ Hoff that he’s actually doing something good again. Things went a little wayward there for a while with all that Little Fockers and Kung Fu Panda business.

House of Lies (Showtime, January 8)

Don Cheadle is an amazing actor. Whether he’s garnering Academy Award noms for starring in genocide dramas, or tearing it up as Captain planet, you basically know it’s gonna be bomb. That’s why I’m excited about his new comedy on showtime, which follows a group of cut-throat management consultants who will do anything to get a deal done. It also stars Kristen Bell., who won me over in Forgetting Sarah Marshall ( that “When in Rome” blip with Josh Duhamel excluded) . Here’s the trailer

Touch and Go

These shows might take off- or might crash and burn- only God (and maybe the Mayans) know:

Betty White’s Off their Rockers (NBC, January 16)

A new hidden camera show, hosted by Betty White, where senior citizens play pranks on unsuspecting youngsters. I’m usually not a fan of hidden camera shows (what is this, 1975??), but I do love me some Betty White. I couldn’t find a good preview to post- so instead, I’ll just post a link of the timeless and amazing Rose Nylund, explaining how they play Monopoly in St. Olaf: (cause that’s the same thing)

Alcatraz (Fox, January 16)

A new drama on Fox about a homicide detective whose investigation leads her to Alcatraz, and its deep, dark past. If you like mystery/dramas, and shows like Prison Break- then this might be for you. But the acting looks a little touch and go, plus I’m probably just way too much of a fraidy-cat to actually watch it. (Let’s be honest, I thought Harry Potter was scary).

Avoid at all costs:

Work It (ABC, January 3)

The new ABC sitcom where two men dress as women to get jobs at a pharmaceutical company, after discovering that the recession is actually a “mancession” (I think I just threw up a little in my mouth).  Not only is this show angering LGBT rights groups in America, it’s also just angering my senses with its damn stupidity.

Oprah’s Next Chapter (OWN, January 1)

I’m probably gonna get a lot of flack for dissing Oprah’s new interview show from her legions of fans..but c’mon guys. Seriously?  enough’s enough. Hey Oprah- just because you’re not sitting in a chair anymore doesn’t mean you’re still not doing the EXACT SAME THING. Plus, I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to call it a “retirement” when you don’t actually RETIRE.

PS Does anyone else find it lame that George Lucas has named his place “Skywalker Ranch”? no? just me?

Question of the Day: What other shows are you looking forward to/ would rather sit through a Twilight saga marathon than watch this winter?


8 thoughts on “January TV: Honourable Mentions and The Ones to Avoid

Add yours

  1. Don Cheadle’s British accent made me laugh in that Ocean’s Eleven film.

    I very rarely watch TV when it’s on these days, I usually end up downloading them years later. I haven’t ever heard of any of those shows but they may bless my hard drive sometime around 2015 or so.

    I liked Carnivale, Firefly, West Wing, The Wire and Arrested Development lots.


    1. You must hear so many bad british accents in tv/film…. I find most british/australian/european actors do a pretty passable American accent.. maybe because they actually care, unlike Americans who just think they are awesome at everything. Except for Gerard Butler in that Bounty Hunter movie with Jennifer Anniston (if you haven’t seen it- don’t). His American accent was atrocious.


      1. To be honest the accent thing isn’t that bad, the worst thing tends to be that the British character is really crap. As soon as I hear the British accent I assume he is going to be a weedy bad guy or just dies early on in the film.

        The only decent English character I can really think of in an American show is Lane from Mad Men.

        The same is true in reverse though, most American characters in British shows are uncaring rich businessmen!


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