8 New TV Shows I’m Excited For This January

Well- 2011 (much like my girl Kim K’s short-lived marriage) is quickly coming to an end- and while we could be depressed about the years of our lives quickly slipping by (or the fact that  “tiger blood” made the top 10 twitter hashtags of 2011), instead why not look forward to all of the exciting things to come in 2012? Like some really great tv.

Frequent readers of The Camel Life already know that I love me some teev, and that  my PVR gets more action than a Michael Bay flick(or at least more action than me)- but this January it’s going to be doing double duty trying to catch all of these awesome new shows.. it’s like Christmas in January! (too soon?) So without further adieu I present to you 8 (because 8 is way better than 10) TV shows I’m excited for premiering this January:

1. Are you there, Chelsea? (NBC, January 11)

I’ve recently started watching Chelsea Lately (yes, mostly because it’s on right after Kim and Kourtney take New York) and man – that Chelsea Handler is one bad-ass, hilarious bitch. That’s why I’m excited for this new sitcom, based on her 2008 book of the same name. It stars Laura Prepon (aka Donna from That 70’s Show) and Chelsea herself in a supporting role. Looks like it might be a #winner. Aaaah damn you twitter!

2. Angry Boys (HBO- January 1, 2012)

I’ve talked about this show before on the Camel Life- but I’m hella excited for it, and thought it deserved another mention. Angry Boys is the new HBO comedy series from Chris Lilley, creator and star of the hilarious “Summer Heights High,” (Mr. G? Polynesian pathways? I die), which debuted on HBO in 2008. Shot in mock documentary style, the show explores the lives, dreams and aspirations of males in present-day society, spotlighting six characters, all portrayed by Lilley, from a pair of 17-year-old twin boys in Australia to a 24-year-old Los Angeles-based rapper. The series has already received widespread praise in Australia- and if its anything like Summer Heights High I know it’s gonna be a huge hit here too..after all, as Ja’mie would say: boys are so randommmmm.  Here’s a sneak peek of the first episode:

3. American Idol, Season 11 (Fox, January 22)

I’ve said it before- I’m a sucker for American Idol. I can’t help it. I get all tingly inside every time I hear those contestant sob stories, and watch as one by one they all conquer adversity. Plus, who doesn’t like watching  people make  fools of themselves on National Television?? (Alright, so really I just want to see all of J.Lo’s pretty outfits. Is that so wrong?)

4. Mr. D  (CBC, January 9)

I first fell in love with Canadian comedian Gerry Dee when he was a contestant on  NBC’s Last Comic Standing back in 2007. Over the next few years I watched him go from appearing in  KFC commercials; to selling out comedy shows at Yuk Yuk’s, to now starring in his very own show.  Though I normally cringe at most original CBC programming (Little Mosque on the Prairie? need I say more?) – this one actually looks pretty good:

5. Napoleon Dynamite: The Animated Series (Fox, January 15)

Who didn’t love the 2004 cult classic Napoleon Dynamite? It’s only like, the best comedy ever (like anyone could even know that). Well good news for all you fans out there- this January, Napoleon, Kip, Uncle Rico ,Pedro, and the rest of the original cast are back in a new animated series on Fox. If you like stupid comedies, and fox classics like Family Guy, American Dad, and King of the Hill- then this one’s for you.

6. The Bachelor: Season 16  (ABC, January 2)

If the next bachelor, Ben Flajnik, didn’t steal your heart as the runner up on Ashley’s season of the Bachelorette- then you must be a cold, heartless b*tch. Just kidding. Sort of. A wine maker with a sexy haircut, rock hard abs, and  a dead dad (which by default means he’s sensitive)… what’s not to love? Plus this season’s contestants look legit crazy – guaranteed to make for some quality TV.

7. Project Runway, All Stars (Lifetime, January 5)

I know every reality series and their purse dogs are doing an “All stars” season (ANTM, Top Chef, etc), but I’m still pretty excited for the return of Austin Scarlett, Mondo Guerra, and of course Michael Kors’ classic one-liners (e.g. “that outfit looks like something Peter Brady would wear to an Autumn Harvest“).  I can’t get a clip of the upcoming season since I live in the remote location of CANADA (first groceries by charter plane, now this??), so instead I’ll give you a clip of good ol’ MK LOLing at some poor contestant’s cut-out bathing suit ensemble:

8. The Firm (NBC, January 12)

Maybe this is my lawyerly nerdiness coming through, but I’m  excited for the new NBC drama based on the 1991 John Grisham novel, and the 1993 film. The show stars Josh Lucas as Mitch McDee  (also known as Reese Witherspoon’s love interest in Sweet Home Alabama… aka the best movie of all time) and, more importantly, a recurring role by Canadian comedian Shaun Majumder- or Raj Binder from This Hour Has 22 Minutes… ummm big deal alert

So there you have it friends- lots of quality programming for you to enjoy this January! Or, if none of this looks appealing to you- you could always just watch footage of Siku, the worlds cutest Polar Bear, on a continuous loop:


Question of the Day: What shows are you excited for this winter?


9 thoughts on “8 New TV Shows I’m Excited For This January

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  1. That was a great screen capture for the next season of the bachelor. Sometimes it’s fun to watch shows like that at the gym with the sound turned off and just watch everyone make faces at each other. Napoleon Dynamite looks good.


    1. hahaha I agree- I love writing my own dialogue in my head to go with their ridiculous actions. I hope Napoleon Dynamite is good and that it doesn’t bomb- fingers crossed!


    1. aaaah hi!!! I know- I’m a total Ben lover too. How is your vacation going? I just got your letter in the mail today- SO SWEET! Can’t wait for our pinot date when you return 🙂 xo


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