Turn Up the Good, Turn Down the Suck: Vol 4.

Because the masses have been clamouring for it (read: someone got a little Thursday-drunk last night and can’t come up with anything original to write) after a brief hiatus, back for another installment it’s Turn Up the Good, Turn Down the Suck.

For those of you new to The Camel Life- this segment is based on an obscure line from the Academy Award Winning* Canadian Film Fubar, and consists of me  giving you a list of some things that I think are awesome lately (turn up the good) and things that are naaaat so much (turn down the suck). I’m sort of like Santa. Only without the toys. Or the hot Mrs. 


*If by Academy Award Winning you mean……………….. not even a little bit Academy Award Winning.

I’ll warn you- this post is heavy on the pop culture, so for any of you who read my blog for its intelligent, literary content, (jokes- no one does that)  feel free to step away slowly. And in case you missed em, check out Vols. 1, 2, and 3.

Turn up the good:

1. Angry Boys

I’m super excited for the new upcoming HBO show from Summer Heights High creator and star Chris Lilley,  Angry Boys. Angry Boys “explores the issues faced by young males in the 21st century” and again, stars Lilley as every character.  It comes out in January, and HBO just released the trailer below.  This is almost as good as the Arrested Development movie. Except I didn’t see Chris Lilley in an airport and stalk him like a crazy person. YET.

2. PicnicFace

I’ve got mad love for my hometown kids Picnicface, a comedy troupe based out of  Halifax, Nova Scotia. I used to watch them at Yuk Yuk’s when I was in University.. and now they have their own show on the Comedy network in Canada. I’ve recently got caught up on it, and it’s pretty bomb. You can catch full episodes at  http://www.thecomedynetwork.ca/Shows/Picnicface… or if you just want a little teaser, check out the link below:

3. SeaLand:

I recognize that this has little to do with anything, but a friend sent me this link the other day, and I got lost in a void of wonder and amazement for hours. Basically, some British dude took over an abandoned army hangar about 10km from England in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and has dubbed it an independent, sovereign country known as “Sealand”.

Apparently Sealand just got internet service… at which point its four residents will inevitably realize they live in a piece of shit ARMY HANGAR… and the country will promptly be disbanded. Or join the EU. which might actually be worse. Stay tuned.  

Turn Down the Suck:

1. Biebs and Mariah’s Xmas Video

So, I know I’m a little late on this one, but if you haven’t seen it yet- Biebs and Mariah got together to do a remake of “All I want for Christmas Is you“, and put out this video. 

 Don’t hate me- but I actually considered putting this on the good list. I KNOW I KNOW. But everyone loves a good comeback, and that’s exactly what Mariah is doing here. Bringing it. Hard. Bitch looks better than she has in years (minus the fact that she may be strung out on valium) and I gotta say I kinda like the way the Bieb’s voice is maturing.   

But, I can’t deny that Justin Bieber does indeed appear in this video, singing “All I want for Christmas Is you“. Hence why it’s on the Suck list.

2. Kourtney and Kim take New York :

SHOCKER!!!!!!!!!!!! Bet you never saw that one coming from BreezyK.  But seriously. Kim, I love you- but you gotta do something about this sh*t. All this season has been is dramaaaaaa… but not like shoving dollar bills down a waiter’s mouth in vegas and punching out glass mirrors kinda drama… boring domestic relationship drama. Everyone should just listen to Khloe. All the time. She’s basically the next Dr. Phil.

3. The Virgin Diaries

If you have not heard about this new show from TLC, just do yourself a favour and watch the clip below. It’s like a trainwreck… I wanna tear myself away but I can’t.

Apparently it’s been drumming up a lot of controversy.  What do you guys think?

Anyway- I hope all you cats have a fantastic weekend and get (more appropriately) weekend-drunk on some award-winning french Beaujolais…. or $10 wine and jaggerbombs. No need to be cla$$Y, kids… it’ll all make you happy in that “I’m not feeling feelings” sort of way. Until you start drunk-crying and falling down stairs and shit. eehhh. Savor that window.  

Question of the Day: Can you add anything to my list ??


9 thoughts on “Turn Up the Good, Turn Down the Suck: Vol 4.

Add yours

  1. Wow. Thanks for making me feel like a disconnected old man. I’ve never heard of any of those things and I assumed Mariah Carey had died years ago.

    The “All I Want For Christmas Is You” song always bothered me. 1) that implies slavery, to me at least and 2) isn’t there a part at the end where they say “and you, and you, and you” or is that just in that British Christmas movie Love Actually? It’s greedy to want someone and then want everyone else. Plus it makes it less special.

    I’ve been waiting to get this off my chest for years.


    1. You’re welcome. That was actually my sole intention with this post. The song drives me crazy too- it’s like the Christmas zombie that never dies. every. single. year. they play that shit.
      Also- Love Actually is the bomb. They should have done a remake of this song instead:


  2. Biebs and Mariah . . . wrong on so many levels. Still it is good seeing girlfriend rocking the super hot bode and just generally letting everybody know she’s still a contender.

    As for the “Virgin Diaries” clip . . . Gross does not begin to describe that kiss. I think I threw up in my mouth a little just watching it.

    Later . . . I have to go brush my teeth.


  3. That Virgin Diaries show is so wrong. Why, why, why! It`s almost as bad as that other shiteous TLC show where they followed around expectant mothers and showed their various birthing methods. I believe it was called baby story or something. My favorite episode was the one where the 3000 lbs woman had a tub birth. And by favorite I mean, traumatising enough for me to toy with the idea of never having sex ever.


    1. omg I hated that show! i remember in high school I used to watch TLC marathons (wedding story, what not to wear, etc) but then at 3:00 when the Baby Story came on it was a rush to turn off the TV before my eyes were accosted with any sights pf placenta and live birthing!! eewwwwww. And p.s. I’m so excited I won! Just sent you my address 🙂


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