Germans: Not all smiles and sunshine??

This has been an A+ week for The Camel Life.  First, by some fortuitous glitch in the system, my Twitter post was Freshly Pressed on Monday. Then, I was lucky enough to receive the Liebster Blog Award from some fine-ass chicks over at Random Female Blog. And as if all of this weren’t enough, Kourtney and Kim Take New York premieres on E! this Sunday night.  Everything’s coming up BreezyK.

Besides this providing me with unlimited blog fodder for the foreseeable future (Kim and Kris’ breakdown documented on film? Enough said), another takeaway from all of this is that I have to do a little acceptance post for the Liebster Award. It’s really too bad that this wasn’t happening in camera, so that you could all see me fake-cry while doing the Queen wave and carrying around a boquet of roses. But this will have to do.

Stop it.... Stop it Mr. Burns

I actually had no idea what the Liebster award even was… but it sounded vaguely German, so I called up my German friend Stephanie and asked her.  Apparently it’s some  antiquated term that basically means “Dearest”.. which is cool, but also in complete conflict with my Simpsons-based extensive knowledge of Germans: that they are not all smiles and sunshine. Actually, that’s not all I know about Germans. I also know that Turkish isn’t afraid of them, and that they like to smoke pipes (possibly corncob, unconfirmed), paint driftwood, grow beards, and garden. At least that’s what my former german landlord used to do.

Anyway- enough about that. One of the terms for receiving the award is that I have to nominate a few bloggy friends it as well. So here we go:  

  • The Skinny Jeans and Starbucks Chronicles – my fellow Toronto homegirl, I’m giving her this award because I wanna be friends with her in real life   she’s funny, insightful, and a great writer… oh, and because she once tried to pay for a Timmie’s Double Double with Canadian Tire Money.  Mad respect.
  • Tremendously Tremendous– an actual real-life friend (count: one)  who has recently started a blog. He hasn’t written much yet- but I think it’s gonna be good.. and if it’s not- then WE’RE NOT BUDS!!
  • Poet Prodigy– Putting the fact that she and I are obviously going to have a duel to the death over Colin Firth aside, she’s also super sharp, and a great read.
  • The Blog of Otis – written from the perspective of the author’s cat, Otis, this one gets me everytime. And I don’t even like cats.
  • Young American Wisdom– A mom who, in her words, “has become a spectator in her own life”, her stories about the hilarious antics her kids get up to make me laugh everytime. Seriously. I heard it on the bus.

So enjoy the good reads peeps- and I hope you all have really, really, ridiculously good weekends- and happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! My sister is in town again this weekend, which for me will probably mean being drug around the mall unwillingly, talking smack about innocent bystanders, and watching endless hours of shark coverage on the discovery channel. Good times.

Question of the Day: What are YOU doing this weekend that’s exciting?

Or- alternatively, teach me something else about Germans. I have a feeling I’m not getting the full picture here.


18 thoughts on “Germans: Not all smiles and sunshine??

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  1. OMG OMG OMG!! Breezy you made my weekend!! *tear* Thank you so much for nominating :’D I already feel like we would get along famously in real life…especially at wine related events lol.

    Congratulations once again on Freshly Pressed and this German award. You totally deserve it considering you have kept me and so many others entertained with your humor and sarcasm lol

    This weekend is my best friend’s wedding!!! Woohoo! Maid of honor speech time. 😀
    Enjoy shark time. And goodluck at the mall. I know you will need it.



    1. Thanks Karen! I can’t wait to see how the wedding plays out – I will pray for you that your speech doesn’t end up like Rachel McAdams in Wedding Crashers and all you hear are crickets.. hahaha if your blog posts are any indication though, I’m sure it’ll be a hit 🙂


  2. Okay, so the fact that Skinny Jeans and Starbucks Chronicles is in Toronto is awesome ( I am too), but the fact that she tried to pay for a Timmies with Canadian Tire money is astounding to me…couldn’t respect that girl any more than I do right now. Also, the fact that you give her mad respect for it makes me think you’re just as awesome.

    I think I just fell blog-in-love with you both…


  3. First-hand knowledge: Germans love, love, love astoundingly long run-on-sentences, the more complicated the better, preferably making up at least one page of the novel (when writing a novel) if not more (possibly an entire chapter?) – they just don’t know when it’s time for proper sentence-ending punctuation. Really. And, at least one German really likes your blog! 🙂


  4. Congratulations to you on a well deserved award. I love your wicked sense of humor. Your blog posts make me laugh…and wish I was much younger. Do you mind if I live vicariously through you? Purple wig and all?

    Thanks so much for the nomination. Hot damn, you’ve made my day! It warms my heart to know that my silly blog, filled with complete and utter nonsense, makes you smile. It’s much appreciated.


  5. Ahah this is refreshing…well, here’s what I know from dating a German for 3 years: They talk alot. Like, alot. You might just ask where your sweater is, and you get the full history of how human invented sweater. Well…that’s hyperbolic, but the point is still the same. And men of good quality 😀 I hope I’m not offending anyone by saying that. But they really are one of the smartest, interesting, manliest pack of males I have ever known. Definitely not being biased here 😉


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