Megan Fox, Eat your Heart Out

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted blue eyes.  Nevermind the fact that with my exceptionally fair complexion, this would probably make me look like Powder, sans the alopecia,  I’ve always found blue eyes to be both mesmerizing, and ridiculously beautiful.

ol' blue eyes over here knows what I'm talkin about

The combination of dark hair and blue eyes is one I find particularly striking and exotic-  made famous by such celebrities as:

  • Elizabeth Taylor:

  • Megan Fox
  • Katy Perry
  • Nelly Furtado

  • Courtney Cox

  • and of course, my girl Zooey

Like me, my oldest sister was also born with the curse of the brown eye. We regularly commiserate about this- and jealously pine over the beautiful, chameleon coloured eyes of our mom and sister. A few years back, fed up with being genetically short-changed, we decided to purchase coloured contacts. Excitedly, we opened the package and tried them out- certain that this was going to be a game-changer- only to discover what any little kid with a box of crayolas already knew: blue was never, ever meant to cover brown.  

The resulting look, which could only be described as “WTF happened to your eyes” , left much to be desired. Now a murky looking brown, interspersed with shards of faded blue, it looked as though someone had tried to douse our pupils in bleach, and then got bored halfway through. Dejected, we resigned ourselves to the fact that brown eyes would forever be our crosses to bear in this life.

That is, until yesterday, when a friend sent me this link- letting me know that a doctor in Laguna Beach, California, claims that he is only about a year away from perfecting a laser technology that will allow you to change your eye colour from brown to blue.  

Could it be TRUE?

I guess all of that time spent praying to the Gods of Elizabeth Taylor, and blessing myself daily with White Diamonds finally paid off- because my friends, it seemed as though I had been granted a miracle.

This was going to be amazing. With my new blue eyes, I was sure I’d instantly become the next Hollywood “It” girl. Move over Megan Fox. In fact, move over Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Michael Bay will clearly no longer be requiring your services for Transformers 4.  

So caught up I was in my delusions  daydreams, that I never even realized I had only read the first sentence of the article. I scanned down, and read a bit more:

According to Dr. Greg Homer,  even us chocolate-eyed folk have blue eyes underneath a layer of brown pigment. The procedure he has invented will take only 20 seconds,  cost approximately $5000, and will involve a laser beam  absorbing the brown pigment from the surface of the iris, leaving the eyes blue. Since the brown tissue will never regenerate; you can’t get back your brown eyes once the procedure is done. AKA: That shit is for LIFE.

Hmm. This new information caused me to observe a number of logistical issues with my previously foolproof plan:

  1. “Permanent” is a bit of a terrifying concept. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m a committment phobe- but I also don’t have any aspirations of looking like Kat Von D anytime soon.
  2. 20 seconds seems a disappointingly short amount of time for such a momentous event (which, coincidentally, is also what  Mariah Yeater said about her time with Justin Bieber.. BOOM)
  3. Shit costs $5000- also known as more than the value of all of my worldly possessions
  4. Bitch from the article looks downright creepy:


On second thought- I think I’ll sit this one out. Brown eyes aren’t so bad, I guess.. after all, Kim DOES have them…. and they DO give me free license to excitedly point at myself while dancing to the Van Morrison classic “Brown Eyed Girl” at weddings.. both tradeoffs I can live with.

Question of the Day: Would you ever permanently change your eye colour??


9 thoughts on “Megan Fox, Eat your Heart Out

Add yours

  1. When I was little, I used to pray to God and ask Him to change my brown eyes to blue. He never did, so I igured there was probably a reason… but I still kinda wish for blue eyes sometimes.


  2. I was soooo disappointed with those contacts! And they never did fit properly- it always felt like I had sleep covering my eyeballs and I couldn’t quite see clearly….they kept moving. Sigh. But with my eyelash extensions, I will work with what I have to accentuate the brown !! They’ll be fabulous!!!


  3. I get so many compliments on my eyes, even with them being brown. My boyfriend, who has blue eyes, and I were staring at our eyes in the mirror the other day. Blue eyes always have crazy designs in the blue like a marble where as brown eyes are usually more smooth colored. Yeah. Eyes are weird. I always liked green eyes…


    1. I know- blue eyes are so much more prismatic… but of course I agree that brown eyes can be beautiful too… or at least that’s what I tell myself when I’m crying myself to sleep at night….
      I can get down with green eyes- especially the fiery redhead/bright green eye combo like Julianne Moore. HOT


  4. NO, no, no! Don’t make those brown eyes blue. Besides, nowadays I think – as long as my eyes aren’t CROSSED – which they sometimes might be after a really long day or too much wine – I’m happy.


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