When life hands you a bathtub..

Sometimes, words of wisdom come from the most unsuspecting of places… like for example, the mouth of Tyra Banks.

If you’ve ever watched America’s Next Top Model, the Tyra Banks Show,or basically anything else she’s ever been in, then you probably know that Tyra is  pretty much bat-shit crazy. But sometimes, despite her best efforts at being completely insane, she comes out with a gem. One of these such occasions happened on last week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model: All Stars.

In this episode, the girls were helped by a perfumeologist to create their own “Signature Scent”, and then had to try and sell their perfumes at a cocktail party while splashing around in a bathtub filled with water. Sounds fun right? Well not to contestant Bianca Golden.

Bianca (who was originally from cycle 9) threw a shit-fit, and refused to peddle her scent, “Candid” in the tub- claiming that it “wasn’t her brand”, and that people wouldn’t take her “seriously” as a model if she did that. We all knew where this was going. She acted unhappy to be there during the challenge, and then, at judges panel, defended her choice by saying:  “No one has ever seen Beyonce or Rihanna in a bathtub”.  Tyra, clearly unimpressed, responded: “But Bianca- you’re not Beyonce”.   


Tyra and fellow judge Andre Leon Talley went on to explain that when you’re a young model just starting out, you don’t get the luxury of being choosy-  “if someone tells you to get in a bathtub- you better get yo’ ass up in that tub!!!”

This got me to thinking. Obviously I’m not a Top Model All Star (because my work schedule doesn’t allow it) and no one has asked me to splash around in a tub at a cocktail party lately (though, I’m listening),  but like Bianca, I too am at a stage in my life where I’m just starting out, both in my career, and otherwise.  Often, I’m asked to  do things that I don’t particularly feel like doing, or that I perceive to be “beneath me”.  And sometimes, I’ll admit – I have  my own “bathtub” moments. I’ll put up a stink, have a bad attitude, or decide that I’m not going to do something- when really I should just shut up and do what I’m told.

In some ways, I feel like Bianca and her little outburst are archetypical of our generation. Though we may not like to admit it, we Generation Y’ers suffer from a serious case of entitlement- brought on by a lifetime of being praised for everything we do, and being given awards just for “participating”. We feel like the world is blessed simply by our existence, and that people should give us whatever we want right away (money,status, senior positions at work) without having to do any work for it, or to put in our time in the junior ranks.  The reality is, however, that the only place this attitude will get you is sent packing, with your face being blurred out of the collective photo while the closing credits roll (or the real life equivalent: fired).

So thank you Tyra, for the extremely important lesson. On all future occasions, I will be sure to “get up in that tub”- sans complaints. Now, if I could just figure out that whole “smizing” thing…………..


12 thoughts on “When life hands you a bathtub..

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    1. I know- she’s absolutely insane… and delusional. But i really think it adds a little something extra to the show.. besides Nigel Barker being so damn sexy, that is…


    1. true that, Tyra’s a woman of the people. And Miss Jay is hilarious…. I’m not a big fan of Jay Manuel though.. he just started a new clothing line here at Sears called “Attitude”, I’m not really feelin it…


  1. ‘member our smize / no- smize showdown photoshoot in Croatia? Hahahaha. It’s a little foggy since we were on our way home from a night out, but I’m pretty sure I won!??


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