#cliché is the new funny

If any of you read my blog on a regular basis, you know that I am a big fan of using strikethrough text to get a few cheap laughs. Despite the fact that most of these involve me  confessing my “Stan”-like obsession love for Kim Kardashian, I still thought they went over pretty well. That was, until I read a post a few days ago by fellow blogger, AshleyJillian – where she said that “people who make jokes like this  are lame”.


A million glitter ponies just burst into tears at the sound of my heart breaking. Here I thought I was being all witty and clever- and as it turns out I’m nothing but a big, fat, cliche.

I admire AshleyJillian’s opinion a lot- girlfriend is a legit comedian who actually gets on stage every night, rather than just cowering behind her computer screen.. and she usually gets it right (twins wearing matching outfits ARE lame, I agree) But my constant need for praise, and unwillingness to accept any type of criticism led me straight into the arms of my old friend google- the king of  always telling you what you want to hear- so long as you use the proper string of booleans.

I think google might have had it with reassuring me (given that my last search string was something to the effect of “Does wanting to see the new Twilight movie make me a loser??”) because the first hit that came up was  Cracked.com’s  list of the “Top 5 Overused Jokes on the Internet”.

Fuck.  There it was- #5 on the list :

Strike Throughs/Cross Outs“It is incredible to me that this comedic convention still persists. It goes a little something like this. You write down the truth that you’re hiding or the truth that you actually want to say, but can’t, and then cross it out. And just like that, comedy!”

My mind went into immediate damage control mode. OK- this is bad, I thought, but at least its not #1. What else is there?

#4. TMI/Thanks for Sharing:
“The old “Too Much Information/TMI” and its cousin, “thanks for sharing” are used by all sorts of horrible people who should never be allowed to reproduce sexually. But I see bloggers using it too by talking about people’s “TMI moments.” Even that annoys me. People keep saying it, but when was the last time anyone has laughed at it?
Ok this one I agree with- phew. (ignoring the fact that this is likely because I am always the one unknowingly giving TMI.. sin for me)
#3. _____. _____. Ever!
Why use italics or bold or, y’know, words, when you can just use too many periods? Waterworld? Worst. Movie. Ever!”
Strike two.
#2. Interwebz/Series of Tubes
the term “Interwebz” is a deliberately awkward mixture of Internet and the Web put in the plural form which is also awkard….. Bloggers use it incessantly. First it was annoying because much like TMI, the facetious use of the term implies that the writer is hip enough to know how to pronounce the Internet and understand what it does. Congratulations. My father is pushing 80 and recently installed all new drivers to run 64 bit programs. You’re awesome.
#1. ______y Mc________
the device where you insult/describe someone, usually with an adjective ending in “y” and a noun with a “Mc” pre-fix…. it’s just too easy, and we’ve all used it just too damn much”
Yeah…. “Spilly McSpills a Lot” over here has heard of this one before. Le sigh. All these years I prided myself on making fun of the weak & the lame; and now, my friends, it  seems the Huntress- has become the HUNTED.  Oh well…. everyone loves a good cliche right??  No? Clearly trying to save face here? Ok fine. Ashleyjillian –it’s clear you need take me to your improv classes  and teach me your ways!  

Question of the Day: What other comedic devices are as tired as Tyra’s use of the word “fierce”?

At the very least- we all love to hate them. Personally, I can’t stand:

  • LOLZ- it took me years to embrace the acronym for “laugh out loud” – now they want me to pluralize that shit?  I’m gonna need some warming up on that one.
  • the use of twitter hashtags OUTSIDE of twitter– #itsannoying

 Read more: The 5 Most Overused Jokes On the Internet | Cracked.com http://www.cracked.com/blog/the-5-most-overused-jokes-internet/#ixzz1bpzOWyLU


11 thoughts on “#cliché is the new funny

Add yours

  1. Hash tags outside of Twitter is annoying! Also, the extension of LOL to LMFAO, ROFL, and whatever else people come up with.

    – LisaaLinh @ BitchinRants.com


  2. Please don’t stop crossing stuff out. It NEVER fails to make me laugh.

    Don’t you HATE when people use all caps to emphasize words in a sentence. Those people are the WORST.

    Seriously though. You and your blog are swell.


    1. haha umm if I actually stopped using all of these comedic devices I’d have no jokes left… the strikethrough will stubbornly persist- I promise 😉
      glad you are enjoying 🙂


  3. I have to admit, I’m not much for strikethru text either, but somehow, when you’re using it, the world just seems the better for it.

    The world needs more FIERCE and sassy bloggers!


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