Friday Five

It’s been a long week, amiright guys? Thanks for sticking it out with me for another week of daily posts. Just to recap, I: Ate Everything In New York Read and Reviewed A Few Books  Embarrassed Myself In An Art Gallery; and Admitted to Wearing a Lot of Really Ridiculous Stuff in High School.  If … Continue reading

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10 Inventions From Pop Culture I Wish Were Real

Few films have left such a lasting impact on my life as the 1999 cult classic Office Space. Not only are its characters hilarious and its lines highly quotable, its tongue-in-cheek (yet painfully accurate) depiction of corporate culture continues to haunt me in my day-to-day life. Anyway, while catastrophizing about my life the other day, … Continue reading

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My Life Through Instagram

I haven’t been very inspired to write lately. Perhaps it’s because of my disillusionment/exhaustion/overwhelming desire to kill myself  general sense of malaise from trying to write a novel in 30 days. Or maybe it’s the fact that I was sick with the plague a dreadful cold/flu last week (yeah, in JUNE. THANKS GLOBAL WARMING). It actually … Continue reading