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Bomb So Hard

So remember when I told you guys how great it feels when people laugh at your jokes? Well you know what really doesn’t feel great? When no one does. My worst fears were realized last night when I read my newest story aloud in my writing class and heard crickets. Then I killed those noisy crickets. And then I … Continue reading

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Uptown Problems

So as I mentioned in this post, I’ve recently started taking a writing class, and our assignment this week was to write a humorous piece about something in the news. Guys, this was HARD. Mostly because I’m a shame to my generation and never pay attention to the news (unless you count the Twitter feed.) … Continue reading

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Turn up the Good, Turn Down the Suck: Vol 3

Well, it’s Friday- and you know what that means- time for another unsolicited recap of some of this week’s things that make me go “yaayyyy”, and some  things that make me want to join the cast of Dancing With The Stars and hide out under one of Chaz Bono’s man-boobs until they go away. This week, surprisingly, I have a disproportionate … Continue reading

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I’m a Big Kid Now

So I got a little bit drunk last night. And not in a “teetering on her heels like an adorable little deer” sort of way… no, it was more of  the “bitch is belligerent and wants to start a fight” variety. I went to a Foster the People show, and distinctly remember picking a fight with a hipster … Continue reading


Aw, Shucks

So imagine my surprise yesterday when I discovered that Tinkerbelle over at Laughter Is Catching nominated my newby-blogging self for the Versatile Blogger Award: Here is what she said: The Camel Life She hasnt written much yet but I have a really good feeling about this girl. Maybe I’m like Simon Cowell discovering Leona (lol) but I … Continue reading