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Coffee Talk

Did anyone else automatically think of Linda Richman when they read the title of this post? No? Just me? So I flew into Halifax around midnight last night and crashed on my sister’s couch for the night. I was then  awoken at 6:30 a.m. (that’s 5:30 Toronto time) by my 8-year-old niece Lola standing approximately 10 centimetres from my face, whispering “BREE” emphatically.  I … Continue reading

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It’s (Baby) Alive!

Well my friends- the turkey has been carved; the gifts unwrapped; and sadly, the once magically whirring little flecks of gold have all but fallen to the bottom of my champagne flute.. Christmas is over for yet another season- and now all that remains is  a food hangover, a feeling of anti-climax, and if you (like me) are currently cohabiting with a … Continue reading

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I’ll be home for Christmas…. Eventually

Holla peeps- I am currently en route home to Nova Scotia for Christmas, and blogging to you live from my oversized armchair at the  Toronto City Centre Airport.. enjoying some free chocolate shortbread cookies  and a refreshing diet coke. A girl could get used to this. Well, minus the 80,000 other extremely agitated Christmas travellers who all have somewhere to be “like, YESTERDAY”, and … Continue reading