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It’s Not A Party Until Somebody Busts out an EpiPen

“Someone call 911!!” my Father shouted, “and for God’s sake would someone go calm down your mother??!” It was Thanksgiving 2007, and I was standing in the upstairs bathroom of my childhood home, staring down at the (seemingly) lifeless body of my older sister Marija. Just a few moments before, she had returned from her annual Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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If you Can’t Take the Heat…. Well, you should probably just get out of the kitchen anyway.

So after admitting to all 3 people who read this blog last week that my go-to meals on weeknights include either (a) cereal or (b) something you can unwrap and put in the microwave,  I decided it was probably time to get my act together. So I went grocery shopping on Saturday and picked up  some fresh salmon, … Continue reading

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A Very Urban Long Weekend

While I would by no means consider myself a Monarchist, I will admit that the Royal Family has done a lot for society. Specifically, Queen Victoria. Why Vicky? You might ask. Well, for starters, she: was the longest reigning Monarch in history, and ruled the British Empire  during its most glorious and powerful days: (Just kidding, I bet it was … Continue reading