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10 Lessons From TV Moms

A wise woman once said, “It takes a village to raise a child”.


That, and “You can never have enough pantsuits”


…but we won’t hold that against her. 

In honor of this maxim (the village, not the pantsuits), this Mother’s Day, I’ll be celebrating not only to my own mom, but also all of the amazing TV moms who helped raise me. Claire Huxtable, Elyse Keaton, Vivian Banks, Kitty Foreman-  where would I be without all of their sage advice, no-non sense attitudes and witty one-liners? (Well, maybe a little more well- read. But that’s beside the point.)

Here, with the help of a few GIFS, are 10 lessons I learned from TV moms: 

1.    Stand Up For Yourself

…. you show those b*tches who’s boss 





2. You only have one family, so you might as well make the most of it.


3. Not everything that’s good for you is fun



4. Don’t worry so much about your appearance

………..You can have a harelip, crunchy bangs, or look like Mama June and someone will still love you.




5. It’s Important To Always  Be a Lady






6. Every once in a while, you need to eat a piece of humble pie


……………….Unless of course you’re Tina Fey


7. Choose your friends wisely

…….because apparently, everyone is an asshole


8. Don’t ever forget where you came from


9. And When it comes to boys….


But if you really can’t help yourself…


And when you find that special someone… 


10. Don’t be afraid to let loose every once in a while:



… and when all else fails,

Sometimes, you need something a little stronger





Happy Mother’s Day!!

Question of the Day: Who Is Your Favourite TV Mom?

22 thoughts on “10 Lessons From TV Moms

    • I’ve recently learned how to make my own so I don’t have to steal them all from the internet.. it’s kind of an addictive habit and strangely satisfying

  1. Gotta say Laureli is my favorite. Those two took talking about nothing at the speed of light a work of art. When they say the average woman speaks at 20,000 words a day, those two probably did 100K easy.

    • I always found their dialogue a little unrealistic, but maybe that was just me being bitter because my own mother/daughter relationship wasn’t as eloquent and sophisticated

      • I always felt like I was so behind when I listened to them. I would catch a joke they told three paragraphs back and then I would miss everything else. They never found anyone else that had as much chemistry as each other.

  2. Kitty Foreman is definitely one of my favorites. She’s so funny. (And I watched a load of That 70’s Show).

    Claire Huxtable is another favorite.

    • OMG I love Bob’s Burgers! Did you watch this week’s episode? I am starting to play softball next week and I’m so worried I’m going to end up like Gene!

  3. I like Katey Sagal – not the Married With Children version but the Sons of Anarchy one. She’ll knock your F’ing teeth down your throat then share a joint with you. Tough love, but nurturing.

      • Katey Sagal has a lot more range than just Peg Bundy, and from the looks of the credits at the end of every Sons episode, she knows how to find work for her family too.
        If you can, start at the beginning of Sons, or you’ll never figure out what the hell is going on.

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