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Twitter: the 21st Century Haiku?

Writing a blog can be a bit of an invitation for self-doubt. I often find myself wondering: How much posting is too much? Too little? Will people think this is funny? Does anybody but me actually care about burrata cheese and D-List reality tv shows? 

One question in particular has been weighing on my mind since I began blogging:

To tweet? Or not to tweet?

I’ve noticed that a lot of other bloggers use twitter to advertise their blogs and get the word out, and this seems to be a pretty effective strategy. But I just can’t seem to get out of my own way on this one.  

I’ve always been scared of twitter. I don’t know what it is exactly- maybe its all those threatening looking hashtags with so many sharp angles… or the constant feeling of alienation I get from in-jokes formed through @ signs…  that’s not to say I haven’t tried to embrace it. In a momentary burst of bravery back in 2009, I signed up for a Twitter account. But I guess I got performance anxiety, because to this day I have not tweeted a single tweet. My account sat untouched for almost two years- until a few months ago when I discovered  you could follow celebrities. Side note: how had I not heard of this before?? I can’t believe I went so long without knowing that Danielle from the Real Housewives of New Jersey’s favourite Jamba Juice is Acai with multi-vitamin boost (I should have guessed though, given her propensity to always “keep it real”).

Anyway. One of the things I worry about with Twitter is overexposure- that people will grow tired of hearing what I have to say if they are inundated with too many blasts. I never want to be lumped into the same category as that annoying facebook girl who updates her status everytime she goes to the bathroom. Plus, I’ll be honest- I’ve wondered  what is really worth saying in only 140 characters?

But then I stumbled upon One Forty, a website that encourages writers to send in their stories that are 140 characters in length or less for publication on the site.

 The website gave the following description:

“The name “one forty fiction” refers to the 140-character limit imposed on users by the online service Twitter. It is the 21st century haiku. Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry that consists of 3 metrical units of 5, 7, and 5 syllables; a complete piece, rendered small. But poetry.”

I can’t tell if this is extremely profound, or extremely offensive to the Japanese, but in any event- some of these stories are pretty cool. If you can believe it, they all have a beginning, middle and an end- and pack a major punch in just a small number of words. 

This forced me to look at twitter in a different light. I had always thought of it as a form of self promotion; another byproduct of our confessional culture – but now here it is being suggested that tweeting is art form in and of itself.  Hmmm. If that really is the case, then I guess that goes a hell of a long way towards legitimizing the $10,000 Kim Kardashian is paid per tweet…. and I guess it also makes Ashton Kutcher’s publicist guilty of extreme poetic censorship. (not to mention a buzzkill. jeeze).

ok so this photo is somewhat (ok completely) gratuitous.. don't act like you don't like it

I’m not really surprised by all of this. In our day and age  there’s an increased pressure to be relevant, funny, and charming in a shrinking amount of space and time.  140 characters in a tweet. A sentence in a Facebook status. A 30 second audition for x-factor. 800 words in a blog post. 20 minutes in an interview. 15 minutes of fame. I guess it’s a kind of social media Darwinism- learn to be pithy, and to reduce yourself to tiny morsels that can be digested in a nanosecond; or step aside, Larry Longwinded, and be replaced by the 14-year-old speed texting champion from Illinois who has mastered the art of virtual shorthand. 

In the end, maybe  I’m no farther ahead on the age-old question of whether I’m going to grab the twitter bird by the wings and start  tweeting.. ..but in the meantime, I’ll just keep reading gossip bites and Kanye West’s delusions of grandeur, and take comfort in the fact that at least I’ve thought about it for more than a nanosecond.

Question of the Day: How do you feel about Tweeting?

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128 thoughts on “Twitter: the 21st Century Haiku?

  1. I felt the exact same way about Twitter when I got it. I thought Twitter would be the tool that would spread my blog like a forest fire. Turns out, it was actually Facebook and Freshly Pressed that did it.

    I don’t use it much now, the blog barely gets any traffic from it. You’re really not missing much. I love the idea of Twitter Haiku though. I had written a post a while ago about how Facebook and Twitter took over my life after this blog lol. Great relatable post as usual! :D

    • I am saddened to hear this, as I have always found the idea of a forest fire to be extremely romantic. Ok, I made that up. Forest fires are terrible, yah yah Smokey the bear whatever. But seriously. Thanks for the input (and the compliment. Your cheque is in the mail). I’m thinking maybe the facebook page is the way to go instead!

    • I barely see any traffic from my Facebook page at all. Post notifications tend to disappear under a flurry of other updates from apps and friends’ statuses. It’s kind of hard to compete with Zynga for attention. It’s still a good idea to have one. There’s almost no maintenance involved.

    • waiting for someone else to say something and then responding sarcastically is basically my constant M.O, so of course I applaud you for it being yours as well. I’m sorry your lame followees couldn’t take it and blocked you… but honestly, if you can’t take the heat- get out of the…. twitchen? Ok im done.

      • My first day on Twitter was the worst for this. I followed someone and she kept posting really inane stuff that I couldn’t resist replying to.

        She then said something like “For once my flatmate isn’t awake before me, my normal routine is spoiled. What should I do?”.

        I replied with “Wake your flatmate and resume normal routine” and that was when I got the boot. Miserable bint.

  2. Wow another Ashton Kutcher picture. I feel sick.

    I’ve never “tweeted” because new things confuse me. I have enough friends on Facebook who think they are semi-famous and invite me to places I don’t want to go to, that’s bad enough. I’m still surprised how many celebrities really love Twitter and even more so how many people care what these celebrities have to say. My grandma didn’t give a shit about what Glenn Miller ate for breakfast. Why should we care what anyone else does?

    • Whatever, don’t pretend you don’t love all of the Ashton shots…. I hear Demi finally filed for divorce today- ITS YOUR MOMENT!
      I have a lot of fbook friends that think they are semi-famous too…and I know it’s lame, but I just can’t help but care what celebrities (and everyone else) does all of the time. I think it’s cause I’m curious. Like a cat.

  3. I say you tweet the hell out of this bitch. Great blog! I’ll be calling people names at the bar tonight like Barb the Boozebag, Larry Loves Everybody, and co.

  4. Twitter is cool. I consider it my way of talking randomly to a bunch of people when I don’t really wanna talk to anyone in particular. All those things I usually just think, and keep to myself, or intend to tell someone until I FORGET it? Yeah. I tweet ‘em. Quotes I neeeed to save to write in my quote book when I get home b/c they’re way too funny? Tweet ‘em. Rant at the universe? Tweet it. Question I don’t wanna ask anyone (directly) who knows me? Tweet it. It’s this passive-aggressive thing that I just love.

  5. Its good to hear someone else struggling with the Facebook / Twitter dilemma. I don’t know that I could master the art of saying anything relevant in 140 characters. Twitter scares me too for the same reasons you indicated. Facebook feels like a lot of work to provided people (what people I don’t know) a commentary of what is going on in my life. I don’t think I even want them to know. Good luck with either or both if you decide to pursue it. I think I’ll just lurk in the shadows on this one at lease awhile longer.

    Excellent post!

  6. I did the same thing with twitter––except I sent forward into the cybersphere exactly one sad little tweet. Then I got creeped out by the disproportionate number of weridos to cool kids who wanted to follow me. How did they find me after a single tweet?! I have heard that it helps out your blog, and I’m totally willing to get a handle on all the # and @. But my main problem is that I don’t have a smart phone––I’m pretty much talking to my friends on a trilobite––so most of my tweets would read something like: “Trying not to get toast crumbs on my keyboard is really hard.” So I’m totally right there with you!

    Great Post!

    • Yo Apple. Your posting name isn’t linked to your blog so you are missing out on visitors. Easily fixed:

      Dashboard > Users > Personal Settings. Scroll down to the ‘website’ box and put the full address of your blog in it. Save.


  7. Twitter is much more of a passive means … expecting (or imploring, in some cases) others to spread your magical word.

    Personally, I prefer the active means. I am very engaged with my blog readers, and I’m very engaged with my FB friends as well.

    Twitter is … well, Twitter. It’s useful, just in a different way.

    I’ve been fortunate enough to receive a link to my blog from TIME Magazine’s online site, and I (and my blog) have been the target of a viral campaign from Diet Coke. And this was all BEFORE I had even joined Twitter. I’m sure it’s useful — it’s just not the end-all-and-be-all, as I think some would have us believe!

    • I think you’re spot on about being engaged with your readers and taking the active voice. I’ve learned, contrary to popular belief- that if you build it, aint nobody coming unless you work for it! ;) I think its true though that life is all about building relationships and blogging is no different. Congrats on all the success you’ve had with your blog and thanks for commenting :)

  8. Twitter isn’t what you think. As a promotional tool, it’s spammy. I have my blogs synched up to my twitter cuz the widgets make it easy. But the fact that my twitter feed is full of blog notes, game shouts and links is actually proof I’m not using it.

    If you tend to use it like an autobot then don’t be surprised when only other autobots read it. Follow the topics and people you give a sh*t about and then you’ll see it as a micro-news, gossip column, etc. I’ve found it a much more effective place to be listening than talking. (Okay, I had to stop following Kevin Smith because he is too into whatever basketball or other game he’s watching and tweets like a color announcer.) But as a writer, it’s an invaluable tool. Useful for networking with editors, finding work etc, or locating up to the minute news on nearly everything. You can “ghost” at the Nebula awards or the London riots. And I’m always enchanted to eavesdrop on conversations between Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer or my favorite Dr. Who writers.

  9. I created a Twitter account for my web comics last night, and thought I would wake up today with hundreds of followers. Nope. 6. Ah well! The first commenter is right; Facebook and Fresh Pressed will do it. Great post and congrats on getting Fresh Pressed!

  10. It’s been a long time since I tweeted .. Whenever I try to tweet , it is well beyond 140 words (oh yes I’m not quite adept at internet lingo :D ) and after thinking of ways to squeeze the words I get really bored and just close the window.. For me twitter is just “Read Only” .. Nice blog:)

  11. I have a love/hate relationship with Tweeting! I am glad I joined the tweeting world though just find it hard to keep up at times. I can see the pros and make myself aware of the cons.

  12. Great title.

    I have not established a Twitter account b/c I couldn’t answer one question – why? However, I’m now considering it …. not to send any tweets, but for staying informed on topics I want to receive.

    Nice post …. and congrats on Freshly Pressed … good luck on your look alike mission. :)

  13. With all the other social networking websites out there, I have been lost on the meaning of Twitter. I do have Twitter hooked up to my blog, but only because I know it has something to do with getting more exposure. Often I neglect using it. It’s enough to try to write a blog and update Facebook!

    • I know- right? It’s so much work to blog already.. and what if you end up using all your best jokes on twitter? What will you have left to write? Thanks for commenting :)

    • good luck with your new blog- it is really hard at first, especially coming up with your first few posts. But it’ll get easier :) Also- I for one definitely do not know how to write a proper haiku. If thats a criteria for tweeting, I’m officially screwed.

  14. It’s so funny that you should write about this. I literally just did a blog the other day all about my reluctance to join Twitter.

    P.S. I joined, and I’m already over it.

  15. I too am scared to cut myself on hashtags. But Tweeting is art, I suppose. I know people who take random Tweets and then affix them on similarly random photos from Tumblr and make image macros. I prefer haikus.

    I would also like to point out that my spell check says “haikus” is not a real word but somehow “Tweeting” is. Hmmmm.

    • I’m so glad someone else shares my irrational, yet debilitating, fear of hashtags. They must be stopped!
      Also- hilarious about the spell check, sign of the times, my friend….

  16. Twitter is useful // For some mini randomness. // Blogs let you expound.
    If folks remember // Twitter is only a tool // They will find a use.
    Here’s why I Twitter. // I prefer short and pithy, // All done in haiku.

  17. This quote killed me “or step aside, Larry Longwinded, and be replaced by the 14-year-old speed texting champion from Illinois who has mastered the art of virtual shorthand.”

    Twitter is just another thing that makes me feel guilty, like not writing funny blog posts or funny status updates.

  18. I don’t have a Twitter account and I’m not thinking about creating one. If I woke up one morning and I was suddenly one of those celebs the rest of the world wanted to follow… nah, I probably still wouldn’t. The challenge of trying to crush fiction into 140 characters is almost intriguing… nah, not really.

    I second Mikalee Byerman’s comment about engaging your readers. Being Freshly Pressed is gonna help. :)

    Thanks for Ashton Kutcher!

  19. Hi! So I used to write Haiku’s when I was super young and learned how to in grammar school, I literally have like 40 of them. But anyway, twitter really is, well it’s just another way for people to become distracted with reality and their lives. It is just a way to escape from your life to read and think about what other people are doing, saying and feeling. We basically use any excuse we can to escape and we tweet what we want other people to read but not necessarily what we really want to say. Social Media is an audience based application so it is hard to trust and find truth in that. Whereas poetry of any kind is much deeper and intellectual because you have to express feelings and your point in so many syllables and that can be difficult to do. I feel that saying Twitter is the new Haiku, is giving people of today too much credit. Nowadays, we cut down are words with acronyms and create slang terms that are actually added into the dictionary which just goes to show you where society is going.

    I will say I do have a twitter but for the purpose of getting my stuff to circulate and occasionally entertain followers with a few minutes of sarcastic bickering between friends.

    I really enjoyed reading your post. It was really well written, not that I am one to judge. It was informative and I love the sarcastic tone.

    I am curious though, do you have a Facebook or do you have the same feelings towards that also. I do not have a Facebook, I just can’t support the distraction. Distractions are only worth it to me if they are adding some type of value to my life. Wouldn’t you agree?

    Great Post! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!!!

    Check out my blogs –

  20. i’m a fairly recent twitter participant. i too noticed many bloggers using it to spread the word. i don’t use it as much as i should, and i always feel pressured to make my tweets funny or informative…so they’re very random. just sign up, give it a try, take your time, and use it when you feel necessary. you can always drop it, or step it up. good read!

  21. I think the more celebrities post about themselves the better for their fans.
    People love to read about celebrities.

    But for us no celebrity folk, no one really cares what we are doing now…
    for example, this could be a twitter post of mine.

    Hey, I just replied to a blog about twitter …………………………………………………………… (crickets chirping in the background)

    I don’t think people cared all that much


  22. Wonderful post! I too was intimidated by Twitter in the beginning (especially when it first came out and it was “the next big thing in social media), but now, I do have to say that I only use it for promotion for my blog. Otherwise, I wouldn’t use it – I don’t seem to have anything to say on Twitter, let along on my Facebook status!

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! :)

  23. This is a helpful post, thanks for writing it. I’m with you on the confusion about Twitter, I too signed up one day and remember spending way too long trying to make my tweet helpful or useful in any way whatsoever. I just found out about following celebs too…my husband follows a few funny ones, Steve Martin. It’s all gotten so complicated. Who has time to read all the stuff that is written? How can you write it if you don’t read it, as is the expectation? At this moment I am jealous of Emily Dickinson, with her drawer full of unread poems.

  24. I find Twitter great for publicising my blog, and I’ve got to say I’ve slowly found myself enjoying Tweeting. I think a lot depends on who you follow – for instance, Twitter’s great for hearing about the Occupy movement or developments in the UK’s hacking scandal. However, I’m not really interested in what Justin Bieber had for lunch, which is why it’s faintly terrifying when you look at the trending topics and have *no idea* what any of them actually mean…

  25. Two years ago I went to see my favourite author of the Gen X generation- Douglas Coupland- speak at the Toronto public library. His talk was on his latest fiction- a work that deals with life after the oil crash- but a good bit was also focused around the technology that is a part of our daily lives. What he imparted is that the world changes, but not to resent technology. That yeah, a lot of dumb stuff is said on the tv and the internets. But also that Twitter is perfect for those haiku moments.

  26. I like Twitter. I use it to promote blog posts. I have made connections all over the world and have found amazing blogs through clicking on links. I do find that editing is great practice. I also write 100 word flash fiction once a week. You can have a conversation and find those with common interests. I will be tweeting during ski season to find the best snow conditions and runs.
    Now get tweeting girl!
    I am off to tweet this for you~
    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  27. Love the idea of Twitter as haiku.

    I went to a conference last week. The lovely, funny, charming young woman leading the social media section (for us “mature” folks) talked about the virtues of different types of media. With 4Square, she said, she could check into her hotel room from the cab, without even looking at the front desk, and automatically tweet her following that she’d checked in! I thought, if any friend of mine ever tweeted just to tell me she’d just that moment checked into her hotel, I’d *$&%#@ KILL her. Especially if I didn’t even know she/he was out of town.

    Great post, love your sense of humor and your ambivalence about Twitter. Don’t lose that, OK?

  28. I’ve never utilized Twitter, not because I’m old, but because my mouth needs a “delay button” (or maybe it needs a delay button BECAUSE I’m old). :) I can’t imagine having the access to just splurt out a response to something that ticks me off without having a few minutes to review what I wrote (email is bad enough). I think we all need filters. That’s why these silly movie stars say stupid things and have to retract them all the time. I actually predict that Twitter is going to die out in the near future because people are going to get tired of cleaning up the messes their “farting words” have inadvertenly led them into.

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  31. I’ve started to post mini-poems on Twitter and also funny, vague comments on society and the like. I’ve found that it works pretty well, though I’ve only just started tweeting.

  32. I use Twitter to let all the people who don’t follow my blog know what I’m up to. Also, like you, I used to be threatened by hashtags; now, I just can’t fucking stand them. I like how you write. Power to The Camel Life!

  33. Most of my tweets are done in haiku actually. I use twitter to see daily headlines, see where my friends are for the evening, and of course, get all of my comic book updates. I call that list Nerd Squee.

  34. I started using Twitter as a sort of online journal for a new years resolution: Post something every day that I had learned in a short, concise manner.

    Twitters also cool because I can set it up to go to my blog and facebook. However, I don’t think I’m a typical twitter user. I only follow 10 people and in general, I think it’s annoying.


  35. I have the same dilemma about tweeting. Opened the account about two years ago, tried to tweet then a few times but didn’t find enjoyment in the activity. Followed only one celebrity, my favorite actor Edward Norton when he prepared for his New York marathon with his runner friends from Africa. It was a charity work he did, and that was it. I lost interest quick. Anyway, congratulations on being Freshly Pressed. You deserve it. I like the way you write. I’ve seen so many other Freshly Pressed posts and sometimes I just shook my head wondering how they got FP. But yours is one of the few that I enjoyed reading. You’ll get more traffic from now on.

  36. To be honest, it is much more difficult to be funny with fewer words than with more. If you’re interesting enough to keep my attention enough to read 300+ words that you typed out, why not set up a twitter account and do it in less?

  37. I think Twitter is a byproduct of the information age, when people are filled with numerous news, reports, gossips and so on.

    I don’t like to read long posts more and more (but I would read good posts carefully just like this one :) ), which is also a fact for other people in my view. Therefore, totally agree with you, 21st would be a haiku century.

  38. I actually love twitter, even though I haven’t really tweeted in a while. I have yet to put my blog website on twitter, I don’t know why either. Someday that will all change, hopefully!

  39. i used to have a twitter account, but the information is too much for me to bear. Some things are best described in a blog, where i could read at my own leisure. Tweets appear and disappear off my screen too fast!

  40. To me Twitter was a way to get to know who my readers are an get some feedback apart from comments. I even met some of them which I guess wouldn´t have happened through commenting only. It´s different from blogging cause you post things you wouldn´t write a blog post about, things far too random and “boring”. But that makes the whole thing more personale, people can take a look at your everday life. To me it´s special, not just another tool to spread my blog and without I would spend my time on busses, subways etc. just staring out of the window.

    • I was thinking that too- sometimes you just have a random thought, or a funny line but it’s not enough to make a post out of it- twitter would definitely be good for that.

  41. You’re right- nowadays, it’s like we have to make an impact, and make it as short and sweet as possible. ADD has a new meaning, and everyone has it. I haven’t joined twitter, since it seems to me like everyone is just constantly publicizing boring, tedious factoids about their everyday life. This has definitely leaked into facebook. I’m going to the gym, I’ve done the dishes, I’m tucked into bed. It’s annoying, at best.
    I wasn’t aware of the 140 character limit that Twitter imposes. It seems like this could be a good thing- either to limit the details of one’s mundanity, or, conversely, to force people to say only what counts. To be more Hemingway, and less Dickens.
    Maybe I will join Twitter eventually and see what it’s all about. :)

  42. twitter makes no sense
    unless you’re a kardash’yun
    maybe that’s just me.

    a haiku for you :) that said, i totally think tweeting is an artform that i’m not good at. probably much like my lack of skill when it comes to writing haikus.

  43. I think Twitter can be effective in some things, but not in others… not sure if I agree with the haiku idea through. I still would go with the fact that Twitter is meant to be a conversation tool – it’s how I’ve strengthened a lot of relationships with people I’ve met elsewhere. Easier to communicate with them there than via email because it’s shorter and more instantaneous.

  44. grab the twitter bird by the wings and start tweeting.. love it… You share the same Facebook / Twitter dilemma as me… :) Good one & congrats on being pressed freshly… :)

  45. I also find the hashtags threatening! My brain does not like reading phrases interrupted by crazy symbols. I have a Twitter account, but I really haven’t spent much time on it yet, so I still don’t get it. I don’t get why you put a hashtag in front of certain phrases. Some of the blogger/writers I like swear by Twitter, so I will see about this newfangled site. :)

    • I think some people misunderstand the point of the hashtags. They aren’t really there for your benefit as such, they are there so that people can search for them later.

      For instance if I posted a Tweet about my latest blog I might include #blog in it. This means that if someone searches Twitter for ‘blog’ at a later date, my Tweet will show up somewhere in the search.

  46. I don’t know how big a thing One-Forty-Fiction is, but I have to credit you for being the character that introduces it in my life/story/whatever (for lack of a better way of saying that). I also don’t know if this was your intention, but you’ve inspired me to open a Twitter account!

    I had long harbored that stigma against tweeters, which I really shouldn’t have. I didn’t know diddly squat about it. But I’ve also been looking for a creative outlet for fiction outside my blog, which I want to save for non-fiction stuff. BAM! Solution found.

    Great blog post, insight, and humor! Like someone above said though, don’t lose your ambivalence to Twitter. There may yet be a need for the sane on Earth.

  47. I post my blog on facebook and twitter. I actually probably get more views from twitter than facebook. However, through following a certain celebrity, I probably talk more to my twitter followers than to my facebook friends anyway. Whatever works, I guess…

  48. Twitter was very useful in bringing down the governments of Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya this year. Too bad Mahatma Gandhi didn’t have it when he took on the British colonialists in South Africa and India.

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  51. Been TRYING to get into tweeting .. I too am not crazy about tweets that contain hash tags, @’s, and links where in the end it doesn’t even look like a comprehensible message. I like to keep my messages short, sweet and simple. I definitely use Facebook more often to interact with people; I think Twitter is for when I just want to get something off my chest quickly but really don’t care whether someone responds to me or not =P

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  53. Have to say, even though I’ve been tweeting for a while, I’m still not 100% sure what to make of it or how i feel about it. i even blogged about it, but even since then my opinion changes. especially those days when those I follow hardly tweet, I feel cheated! Is that stage one obsessive city or just signs of someone who maybe expected a little more from the tweeting world?! Jury’s still out…

  54. I found this really interesting as I’ve just painstakingly added all the twitter buttons to my blog on the advice of a friend who was shocked that I hadn’t been using the golden opportunity that is Twitter.

    It’s early days yet, but gathering followers has been easier than I thought it would be and I’m coming round to the format – although before I thought the same as you. That Twitter was just somewhere for the repellently narcissistic to ooze their twaddle…..

  55. It’s ok. You’re not alone. Tweeting and twitter scare me too. My friend is after me to start up twitter to advertise our blog but I’m too chicken.

    However, one forty fiction might just entice me. Thanks!

  56. I first got on Twitter to follow literary agents and get writing/publishing advice. It has morphed into a promotion tool for my blog, but I get many more hits from Facebook than I do Twitter. I considered giving it up, but I’ve met authors through Twitter and gotten free copies of their books to review on the blog and started some very interesting friendships I would not have gotten the chance to otherwise.

    My two cents.

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